Thanks luvgemlight, this is wonderful.  I've also heard Maharishi call ni the 
continuation of negation.   Which in the circumstances is kind of a paradox.  
Which I love.  

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> > Having received regular Maharishi Light Therapy with Gem treatments here in 
> > southern california ( ) either twice or four 
> > times each month since my first treatment last march in 2012, I can safely 
> > say that, yes, it is a powerful treatment modality for improving 
> > consciousness and creativity, and the "light beamers" are laser penlights 
> > -- thus, the light passing through these gems is very coherent (unlike 
> > ambient lighting from any other source). I've had a ritam experience, one 
> > time, plus some kundalini awakening later on after that particular 
> > treatment. Also, I'm the last person to notice that I'm transcending during 
> > the treatments. I usually have to infer this from the fact that my 
> > experience of myself is so naturally transparent that I don't realize that 
> > this transparency is truly my Self. These gemlight treatments are very 
> > empowering to the mind, so that care and consideration given to one's 
> > thoughts, speech, and action
 is a very good idea since they can materialize.
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> > > On tonight's (MON Feb 2nd) Global Family Chat on the Maharishi 
> > > Channel, they talked about the new light/gem therapy in Maharishi 
> > > Ayurveda (the first line of Rig Veda says that agni/fire is the 
> > > source of gems, 
> Well, the compound word is 
> ratnadhaatama: (ratna-dhaa + superlative suffix -tama?)
>       ratnadhA [ = ratnadhaa]         mfn. procuring wealth , distributing 
> riches or precious things (%{-tama} mfn. distñdistributing great riches) RV. 
> AV. S3Br. ; possessing wealth RV.
> According to Macdonell's comment:
> ...'ratna' never means /jewel/ in the Rgveda. :/
> agnim iiLe purohitaM
> yajñasya devam RtvijaM
> hotaaraM ratnadhaatamam.

If the cornucopia of wealth comes from agni, then possibly agni is more than 
merely 'fire'? Consider this interpretation....

>From the 1974 MIU Course Catalog, Maharishi explains 'agnim' phoneme by 
>phoneme as it accumulates meaning sequentially from the first sound...

a = fullness.
g = puts a stop to fullness.
n = negates the stop of fullness.
i = progresses this negation of fullness' stop.
m = maintains this whole thing, on and on and on, like a continuous hum.

Now, let's apply this sequential rendering as a five-step template of sorts 
straight from the TM technique...

a = "least action is achieved": the field of the transcendent (even the sage, 
Milarepa, discerns the fullness of the "transcendental field" as the field of 
least action).
g = "through alternation between": alternating phases are preceded by a stop to 
the previous phase before starting the next phase.
n = "rest" (the negation of the relative's natural state of continuous activity)
i = "and activity" (activity always breeds progressive growth)
m = "maintained as a daily/etc routine" (how else can anything be maintained, 
but as a sequence of cyclic phases?)

Sum total -
"Least action is achieved through alternation between rest and activity 
maintained in regular cycles."

So, TM (yogic union with agni) achieves wealth (samadhi/agni) through agni (the 
five-step template described above). Kind of like saying: the course of life is 
"from here to here" through here as well.

But of course, we already know that Maharishi uses the term 'TM' since 
westerners have a strange predilection for believing that yoga means merely 
postures. So, he couldn't use the more obvious term of 'yoga'. Yet, "yogasta 
kuru karmani" = "established in Being, perform action", one of the two mottos 
of this movement (the other is, "nistraigunyo bhavarjun" = transcend) really 
means established in yoga, doesn't it? Kind of gives away what TM is all

> gems are described in the Vedas as the "Radiance of 
> > > God" -- Charaka Samhita says gems are second in treatment value only 
> > > to mantras, and gems are ahead of herbal treatments). They use some 
> > > sort of light (frequency depends on the gem involved, amethyst, 
> > > emerald, etc -- seven types of gems used all told) in a flashlight-
> > > type device which shines light through 12 gems set in gold. The light 
> > > is flashed on the palm of the hand (some of the photos in newspaper 
> > > articles show people getting the light beam on the forehead even 
> > > though the Raj people only talked about palm application), and people 
> > > are reporting good experiences (some expansion of consciousness, 
> > > healing of injured area, etc) in the 300 treatments at the Raj to 
> > > date. The light is supposed to act on the "light body" of the 
> > > recipient, and although there are side effects like healing, it's 
> > > basically designed to remove obstacles to enlightenment values more 
> > > than just wearing gems, with the goal of letting celestial light fill 
> > > the body. In Switzerland all the HMOs pay for this therapy up to 80% 
> > > of the cost of treatment. Ayurveda recipes including powdered gems 
> > > are legal in Germany, but not yet legal in the USA.
> > > 
> > > "There is no inside or outside. The same light inside, the same light 
> > > outside."
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