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> > As seeker Xeno's eyes begin to flutter open, seekers Share's and
> Steve's begin to close as the heavy and intoxicatingly sweet fragrance
> of lilac, along with the natural lullaby of the clear-flowing river,
> gently lulls them to sleep...not to mention the velvety cushion of soft
> green moss against which both are languidly reclined. (Happy now,
> Steve???)
>   Birds.  I want birds.  Songbirds.  The scene needs these to be
> complete. The lullaby of the river is good, but let's work in some song
> birds, and maybe a croaking frog.

And the magic word is? Doesn't matter, I live only to please:




> > When he is once more able to focus, seeker Xeno's eyes fall on the
> vast assortment of objects that LJB has so artfully and tastefully
> arranged on the downturned tailgate of the pick-up truck. In the shadows
> under the wooden camper shell can be seen various beat up cardboard
> boxes in a state of disarray with their contents spilling out across the
> bed of the truck.
> >
> > "Could I interest you seeker Xeno in various rare and sacred objects
> guaranteed to begin the cleansing and purifying process to the extent
> that His Worshipfulness will deign to bestow a brief moment of His
> coveted attention upon your sorry ass...uh, I mean unrealized small 's'
> self?" croons LJB in his best Og Mandino impression.
> >
> > In a somewhat croaky yet quiet whisper so that seekers Share and Share
> can't hear, seeker Xeno asks "May I please buy four cups of water to
> assuage my rabid thirst?"
> >
> > "Certainly," smiles LJB as he walks a mere two feet away and dips an
> empty quart bottle in the clear-flowing river and hands it to seeker
> Xeno. "That will be $10 please."
> >
> > "Now wait just a darn minute, O Laughing One" protests seeker Xeno,
> who obviously came out of meditation a little too quickly. "Earlier you
> said water was $2 a cup so by my calculation four cups would only be
> $8."
> >
> > "Yes, dear seeker Xeno, that is true," croons LJB in his most soothing
> voice. "But four cups is equal to a quart of water, and the price of a
> quart of water is $10. If you're running low on funds, I conveniently
> accept credit or debit cards for a very modest 5% surcharge over and
> above my very fair purchase prices."
> >
> > Slightly confused because he came out of meditation a little too
> quickly, and his rabid thirst getting the better of him, seeker Xeno
> hands over his gold Amex card to which LJB smiles gleefully as soon as
> he turns to go ring up the charge. "Why don't I just hold on to this
> until all our purchases are complete, hmmm?" he asks, to which seeker
> Xeno, in a daze and staring at a group of people further down the
> clear-flowing river dipping out cool water by the gallon, mutters, "Huh?
> Whatever."
> >
> > Suddenly, and with utter finality, the veil lifts, and with a clarity
> of understanding experienced previously only for the very briefest of
> moments, no longer a seeker Xeno proclaims, "O Laughing One, I am now
> the one who is laughing because the water is, and has always been,
> free."
> >
> > A momentary look of fear and panic clouds LJB's face as he realizes no
> longer a seeker Xeno has discovered the truth, but quickly turns to
> disappointment as he realizes he has just lost his best customer in
> weeks. "What has been sought has been found. You have no need for these
> earthly objects nor the attention or presence of my Master Raviji, so go
> from here and find your own self-proclaimed door lackeys."
> >
> > As Xeno is seen disappearing into the setting sun whistling
> "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" further down the river, seekers Share and Steve can
> be seen stumbling towards the clearing in which sits the beat up
> saffron-colored Ford Ranger mini-pickup truck. As the scene slowly fades
> to black, seeker Share can be heard excitedly saying, "Oh look Stevie at
> all these wonderful things. I must have one of these and, and three of
> those and, and...Stevie, would you be a dear and buy us another quart of
> water...and what are those things in that box back there..." as LJB's
> face turns from sadness and disappointment to absolute and utter joy,
> and he croons, "Right this way, seeker Share, right this way. Have I got
> something special just for you..."
> >
> > [to be continued for a substantial yet very modest fee]
> >

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