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> > > Man, there are very creepy things going on on this 
> > > forum lately.
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> > Your malicious intentions are at the heart of them.  
> > You are a constant source of ill will and 
> > misunderstanding here.
> > 
> > You are a troll and the intentions of this post are 
> > unfriendly. 
> Does anyone remember my use of the phrase "...when 
> she Hits The Ground Hating again just after the clock 
> ticks midnight Friday" a couple of days ago. I want
> to thank Judy for proving me prescient.
> Ten minutes after the Post Count thread appeared to
> indicate a new "posting week," Judy began spewing 
> hatred on this forum again, aimed it at her habitual
> enemies. A little less than four hours later, she 
> has made 11 posts that couldn't reek more of hatred
> and malevolence if Satan himself had spewed them
> forth. The woman couldn't be more insane -- and 
> more predictable in her insanity -- if she tried.
As usual, Barry is speaking about himself only pretending it is about someone 
else. As predictable as it is that Judy will post again is your cookie cutter 
response that is so threadbare it is see through. Now why not address the 
subject at hand instead of throwing out these meaningless, unfounded 
generalities that show us nothing and prove nothing. Don't you have a walk to 
take to get some coffee at some quaint bistro or something instead of bothering 

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