Hey, Barry! Rena and I watch only Netflix now, no TV, so we are a year or more 
behind on all shows. True Blood and Dexter are among our favorites; I am also 
quite fond of Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Copper.

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> One of the things that has suffered because of this Paris
> gig has been my ability to keep up with TV series I once
> watched near-religiously. I purposefully haven't even
> bothered to start watching "Continuum" or the US versions
> of "The Killing" (season 3) or "The Bridge," because I 
> knew I wouldn't have time for them. 
> I did watch season three of the excellent UK series "Luther,"
> and found it as good as the previous two. In my household,
> a mighty cheer went up when one favorite character from the
> previous two seasons reappeared. :-)
> I've been watching "True Blood," first curious what it would
> be like without Alan Ball at the helm, and think it's been
> pretty good, on the whole. More interesting in many ways
> that last season. 
> I'm watching "Dexter," of course, and enjoying it, and wonder-
> ing how they're going to fit The End Of Dexter into the few
> remaining episodes. 
> I just saw the first episode so far of the new season of "The
> Newsroom," and liked it. I'm a sucker for fast dialogue.
> Like everyone else, I am waiting with 'bated breath for the
> last 8 episodes of "Breaking Bad." 
> And that's about it. Anyone seen anything worth reporting on?

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