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> Rory, I am glad you are back and here.  Amazing what removing limits will do. 
> Smile.  FFL needed a little influx of love, light, and laughter.  Even Barry 
> deigned to talk to you!  
Thank You so much, Emily! It's always a pleasure to hear from You. I must admit 
I am now feeling as if I have bitten off a little more than I could chew, 
energetically, and am suffering from some "indigestion" that feels rather like 
a hangover. I am currently integrating what feels like sadness, disappointment, 
shock, betrayal, confusion, anger, drunkenness, judgment, and so on and so 
on.... Quite a potpourri. All good, but a bit spicier fare than I have had 
lately. I tend to live a pretty quite life and eat blandly here in the 'Field, 
I mean in Fairfield the town. 

But all in all a phenomenal day, definitely -- what appears to have been a 
relatively civil conversation with Barry, as you say, and conversely what 
appeared to be great disapproval from my old friends Judy (who I admit has not 
*always* seemed entirely pleased with me in the past) and Ravi (with whom I 
have always enjoyed cordial relations, if I recall correctly). An odd day all 

Love, Light and Laughter Always,


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