A Grand jeté= Grand allegro: Jeter /jeté: From the French verb 'to
throw'. A jeté is the usual word for a jump in ballet.  A large leap
from one foot to the others, a technical jump in which the dancer jumps
high in the air with both legs open horizontally, almost as if flying.

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> > > > Final post count for the week will be tonight's post count.
> > > > Personally, I'm loving this vacation from the idiotic posting
> > > > limits, and if you reinstate them, you will need to seek out
> > > > another moderator if you want the limit enforced.
> > >
> > > Good for you, I don't blame you. I think we should see how the
> > > month goes from here. I think it would be useful to stop thinking
> > > about the number 50 as relevant to anything. If things get
> > > obnoxiously lop-sided or tiresome with boring posts then we can
> > > revisit how to legislate controls. Seems a pity if it would come
> > > to that though.
> >
> > Well, it was originally all about Shemp, Lawson, and Judy. Shemp is
gone and Lawson hardly posts at all, so it's all about Judy, or more to
the point, Barry's obsession with Judy and his need to have her
controlled. Frankly, I'm tired of being a pawn in that ego drama.
> >
> > Considering that I'm not a heavy poster, and I was never in favor of
posting limits to begin with, I think after all these years of being The
Enforcenator, it's time for FFL's post limit to be enforced by a more
active user who actually is in favor of posting limits. I'll happily
keep the post count script running and handle subscriptions and other
helpful stuff as needed, but keeping track of who overposts and
killing/reinstating posting privileges needs to be done by someone else.
> >
> As Alex recites his desire, Obba does a Grand allegro and exits.... :)

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