I think it was Mike Dixon who had what I think is a plausible explanation from 
Charlie Lutes: that a person is carrying non physical gender qualities over 
from a previous life time. 

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> > Manning says she's always been a woman in her mind/psyche.
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> > This Manning "chap" becomes more embarrassing by the day.
> > From the Wiki article on the US Military and gays I read:
> > While restrictions on sexual orientation have been lifted, restrictions
> > on gender identity remain in place due to Department of Defense
> > regulations; transgender Americans thus continue to be barred from
> > military service.
> >
> > Sorry Chelsea - you're in the wrong line of work.
> Not any more. She's been dishonorably discharged.
> She said she joined the Army to try to overcome her sense
> that she was a woman. Now that the trial is over and she's
> out of the Army, she's decided to go for it.
> FWIW, research is increasingly showing that gender dysphoria
> has biological causes. It's beginning to look as though a
> man, say, doesn't want to be a woman because he's screwed
> up, but is screwed up because he wants to be a woman.
> It's hard to imagine what it must be like to feel you're in
> the wrong kind of body and to know that everybody thinks
> you're someone you know you aren't--and for this to be the
> case from the time you were a very little kid. That would
> mess with anyone's mind.

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