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> Or perhaps that attitude toward homosexuality is
> all ignorant crap, and people are born gay because
> *they* had that attitude in a previous lifetime,
> and this time around need to experience what it
> feels like to be discriminated against.
> Maybe that attitude is currently in the process of
> diminishing because the straight folks alive today
> learned that lesson in *their* previous lifetimes.
> Maybe in another generation or so nobody will be
> able to understand why it was ever thought that
> there was anything wrong with being gay.
Possibly - and I really do mean possibly - your are correct .
One of the "problems" with homosexually I have had is that the male
penis and female vagina are obviously "designed" for each other. The
male-male-sex and female-female sex seem to me odd for that reason.
The situation is compounded by current ideas of neo-Darwinism. In this
view every feature of human life is the result of an evolutionary
advantage of the characteristic in question. Sounds plausible. But how
then do you explain homosexual liaisons? The theories I have read sound
completely unconvincing. A gay is far more likely not to succeed in
transmitting his genes to future generations.
Maybe it is Nature and not God who doesn't "like" queers?

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