Well I-Went-to-Empty-the-Trash-and-I-Only-Got-As-Far-As-the-Door, you probably 
didn't realize my tutelage was all at the hands of Inowitall Andudont and 
therefore I could run circles around your supposed knowledge on all of this. 
Currently, my teacher (you may have heard of her, she is the one and only 
Celestial Moody) and she focuses primarily on the Sovlakian Gangnum Style 
Romoulade cooking most favoured by Gypsy fire eaters. I am happy to provide 
some reading material if you care to expand your horizons. You appear to have 
spent an inordinate amount of time perusing the bargain section in your local 
book store and dwelling far to deeply into the make believe world of men - so 
many men. I guarantee that a woman's POV might prove fascinating for you (as I 
know all of my posts to you have left you further enlightened) and Ms Moody is 
jus the woman for the job.

On Monday, October 14, 2013 9:02:55 PM, "emptyb...@yahoo.com" 
<emptyb...@yahoo.com> wrote:
Well Tea House ... 

You didn't say exactly when you were
leaving but the link you provided was enough to assay the quality. Perhaps you
didn't realized that I received training in Buddhism by Professor Alfonso
Verdu. Under his tutelage, I received extensive teachings about
Yogachara/Vijñanavada, Madhyamaka and HwaYen/Kegon. 

You also don't appear to realize that
my current teacher is Younge Khachab Rimpoche VII, who is a Tibetan
Khenpo-Geshe Rabjam and focuses particularly upon classical Mahayana, four and
nine level Tantra, the Ganga Mahamudra of Tilopa/Naropa and the Dzogchen 
of Vimalamitra and Longchenpa. Khachab has stayed at my house and has been very
generous with his personal teachings to me. I state it this way so you realize
that I have been over this stuff before and don’t intend to waste time
analyzing arguments by the like of Prairie Dog Willy or your blogging-friend
Kevin Whatever.  

So sorry Ol' Tea House ...  but
the site only proffers old academic ideas long refuted and dismissed. Perhaps
it all appeared clever to you but it only wasted my time. Glad though that you
know who is and who is not "enlightened". Perhaps you'll 'spanit to
me because I do not find illumination in your undefined idea of 'lighten-mint'
- which really only really means the Germanic Aufklärung. 

And don't gime more of MMY's
7 states. I was trained as a TM teacher and though it took me awhile to realize
that he just made this stuff up, I certainly don’t intend to listen to it 

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Empty, I'm soon out of town, so no time now to give you a deserving answer. But 
since you like to pontificate with the voice of RAM aka  James Swartz, I owe it 
to my close friend and Tiru resident Kevinanandaji, to expose you to his 
satirizing him. Here, take this, about your new found hero: 
http://chi-ting.blogspot.de/search/label/James%20Swartz%20%28Ram%29 (and don't 
take it too serious!)

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <fairfieldlife@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

Questioner:   So you’re talking about Yoga and Vedanta to
give some sort of context to his enlightement?
Ram:  Yes.  Now that Ramana is getting
fame it is rather sad to see all these Western people coming to Tiruvannamalai
with absolutely no notion of the context of his enlightenment and his life,
with no understanding of the depth of the Vedic tradition and burdened with
amazing and ill-considered views of enlightenment based on their Ramana
Anyway, Ramana’s
type of realization, because it did not occur at the feet of a guru in a
traditional Vedantic classroom, is more in line with the tradition of Yoga,
although most yogis do not become jnanis as Ramana did.  His lifestyle too, 
sitting in meditation in a
cave, is more typical of the yogic tradition than the Vedantic.  The reason 
yogis do not usually become jnanis is because they have often been confused by 
the language of Yoga
into thinking of enlightenment as a permanent experience of samadhi.  So when 
the experience is ‘on’ they are not
looking to understand anything, they are simply trying to make the state
permanent, sahaja.  The joke is
that enlightenment is not an experience, nor is there any permanent
experience.   Furthermore, they do not
realize that to make an experience permanent one would have to be a doer, an
agent acting on the experience, maintaining it or controlling it or staying in
it … which is a dualistic state, not enlightenment.

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