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> > >  Can you imagine an American President speaking like this today?
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> > Can you imagine an American President even having
> > the balls to try?
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> > No one else can, either.
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> > That's why America is considered a joke in most
> > thinking parts of the world.
> Actually, most thinking parts of the world would consider
> America even more of a joke, and a particularly offensive
> one at that, if a president were known to have had the
> balls to make such anti-Semitic remarks, even a decade out
> of office.

Anyone daring to use the term "anti-Semitic" has already
withdrawn from the company of thinking individuals on
planet Earth.

You're implying that one group of people's fantasies about
how the universe works are more important than, more "true"
than, and and more inviolable than, anyone else's.

Me, I class ALL religious beliefs as fantasies. I think that
qualifies me as an egalitarian, unlike some who get their
panties in a twist when their particular fantasies are
challenged.  :-)

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