The post a person is responding to (and sometimes a whole string of posts in an 
exchange) always appears when you click on the three dots in the bottom left of 
the Reply box--unless the person who wrote the post has deleted everything, 
which is what BillyG does. Apparently he doesn't like to feel that he's part of 
a discussion, so he gets rid of it all before posting.

---In, <> wrote:

 It all depends on what software you're using. I've been monitoring FFL 
messages in IE and Firefox and I've noticed that some posts don't include what 
the person is responding to. However, when you hit reply sometimes the messages 
appear when you scroll down.
 And, I've also noticed that hardly anyone follows the netiquette protocols for 
formatting messages anymore. It sure would be helpful if people would do some 
formatting using the old style right angle bracket, but now I realize that's 
really asking to much of people, since mainly they are just shooting from the 
hip with one-liner snickers. There seem to be only about two serious 
respondents left here anyway.
 So, I'm using Thunderbird to send and reply to text only posts, but when I 
want to include an image I use Chrome, which has a nice feature to key in the 
location of the image URL. I haven't figured out what happened to the 'source 
view' in Neo to include an image URL. I've also noticed that several people 
have not figured out how to make an active URL link in any program. Go figure.
 P.S. At this point, I'm not even posting with the expectation that anyone but 
lurkers would read this stuff, so it's mostly for them to be amused with.
 On 11/2/2013 10:40 AM, authfriend@... mailto:authfriend@... wrote:
   BillyG, you know, it's courteous to quote a bit of what you're responding 
to, or at least to identify the writer you're responding to. You don't do that, 
and it makes it look as though you don't want to actually have a discussion but 
rather only to make proclamations.

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