--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "TurquoiseB"  wrote:
> Ah, the patented Steinian Nitpick Lie.  :-)
> Now Judy's going to pretend that 41 instances of "I don't lie" don't
> up to a declaration of "I never lie."

Since I belatedly realized that this search is done in the old Yahoo
interface and that possibly not everyone can see it, here are a few

Oct 5, 2013, in message #359820
"I don't lie or twist or reshuffle."

Aug 13, 2013, in message #353409
"I'm not the "Queen of" anything, but as you know, Nabby, I don't lie"

Aug 13, 2013, in message #353336
"Plus which, they know I don't lie, and they know you *do* lie."

Feb 12, 2013, in message #335232
"Um, no, it's because they know I don't lie."

Jan 26, 2013, in message #333579
"I don't lie, and I deny only what is not true."

Mar 12, 2012, in message #306217
"Oops, no, Raunchy and I don't lie."

Mar 1, 2012, in message #305356
"There are no lies in the paragraph. I sometimes make mistakes, but I
don't lie."

Jan 9, 2012, in message #301381
"I'm tough, but I'm pretty fair; I don't lie; I usually check my facts;
and I rarely make gratuitous attacks. Nor do I dump nastily on posters
who respectfully and sincerely say things I don't agree with."

Oct 31, 2011, in message #293675
"Vaj has never caught me in a lie, for the simple reason that I don't

Jul 12, 2011, in message #282357
"Since Judy doesn't lie, it's not possible for her to be lying *again*.
Vaj knows I don't lie."

Apr 11, 2011, in message #274245
"Whatever my other faults may be, I don't lie."

Oct 31, 2010, in message #260625
"I don't lie. I'm not a hypocrite."

Oct 11, 2010, in message #259089
"As you and Vaj well know, I don't lie."

Jan 26, 2010, in message #239742
"I don't lie about Barry. It's his lies that create the battle."

Jan 3, 2009, in message #203765
"In contrast, I don't lie, and I do my damndest to be fair."

Jan 3, 2009, in message #203746
"Vaj knows I don't lie, so his comment above is itself a lie."

Aug 17, 2008, in message #187141
"Funny thing is, nobody has ever caught me in a lie in any Internet
forum. You know why? It's because there isn't anything to catch. I don't

Mar 15, 2008, in message #170153
"However, I'm not duplicitous, mendacious, dishonest, or disingenuous.
And I don't lie, either."

Dec 3, 2007, in message #156651
"As Vaj knows, I don't lie. I haven't lied before, and I wasn't lying

Sep 25, 2007, in message #149814
"Nope, I don't lie, Vaj. Don't project."

May 22, 2006, in message #98982
"BTW, I don't lie, nor do I rewrite history."

>   --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com,  Judy Stein wrote:
> >
> > > Barry wrote:
> >   >
> >  > Which of the people you have claimed were "phonies," for
> > > instance, have ever said something as stupid
> >  > and as *obviously* untrue as "I never lie?"
> >
> >  YOU. Many times, pretending to quote me.
> >
> >  > YOU have said this, many times,
> >
> >  I can't find one single instance in the archives of my ever having
> said those words here.
> >
> >  Can you?
> >

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