--- <anartaxius@...> wrote:
 Not likely, but why pray? How is that going to change the situation as you 
perceive it? I do have a certain tolerance for Jim; unlike Barry, I do read 
some of his posts, though their usual brevity and emotional coarseness is a 
turn off. (Barry's emotional coarseness is also sometimes a turn off, but I do 
not perceive him to have a genuine attachment to it, so mostly it is just fun.) 
Compassion for Jim is not necessary, he is enlightened by his own account, 
therefore not in need of it. 


--- <turquoiseb@...> wrote :

 What he seems "in need of" is someone to obsess on. Namely me.

I wrote him off and deprived him of an audience when he feels like yelling at 
someone and telling them how low they are and how high he is. Rather than live 
with that, I guess what Xeno is saying is that Jim keeps writing posts about 
how much he hates Barry *anyway*.

If that's your idea of what enlightenment is, I wish you luck with it. To me, 
it makes it sound as if Jim is just another version of Steve and Ann and 
Willytex. Ignore any of them, and they obsess on you *more*, not less. 


--- <awoelflebater@...> wrote :

Sorry dimwit. It is not because you "ignore" me (which you, unfortunately 
don't, you mention me all the time) but because your ideas and never-ending 
harping about the same things cries out to be addressed and corrected. It is 
because I disagree with you so much of the time and want to counterpoint your 
mistaken notions and conscious obsession with attributing false motives and 
characteristics to virtually everyone here - including the people you endorse. 
Face it bawee, people have a right to address your comments or you, for that 
matter, any time they bloody well please and it doesn't mean they'r obsessed 
with you or emotionally crushed because you "ignore" them. See, I had to 
correct you right now because, as usual, you're making up shit.



Once, all that Bob Price pointed out is that, aquamarine is 
'cobalt blue' and Uncle Tantra lashed out at him, by calling 
him a roach.

How objective is that? He is as foul mouthed as anybody else 


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