As usual Feste, you succinctly express the truth of the situation. 

 And, no, he does not have anything better to do, or seemingly anything else to 
do for that matter.

 And in that way, he is a somewhat fascinating study, as sad as it is.

 I know little about his childhood other than what he has written here, but I 
am still offering the theory that his failure as a "channel" has contributed to 
the never ending bitterness he has towards the TM organization and its founder, 
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

 I don't think he realizes that he repeats himself constantly in this regard.

 But that is something in common he shares with others here.

---In, <> wrote :

 Now that Ann has posted her parody of you, MJ, it's going to be increasingly 
hard to tell the parody from the real thing. Read the article again. Doug 
Henning found true love at MIU, and that can't be bad. OK, so he couldn't act 
or sing, but are you aware of any TM literature that says that if you learn TM, 
you will become a good actor and singer?

Your method is both simple and dumb: find the name of a celebrity who does/did 
TM, find ways to denigrate him professionally and personally, and then claim 
you have "proved" that TM doesn't work. 

Haven't you anything better to do? 

---In, <mjackson74@...> wrote :

 I always liked Henning's magic performances, met him once at MIU and got his 
autograph on one of his posters for my mother who just adored him. Ran across 
this old article about him and couldn't help but note the lack of age of 
Enlightenment fulfillment it speaks of for him - lonely, sad, divorces - not 
exactly an ideal society life seems to me. Just another pointer to what a fraud 
TM is:,,20083832,00.html,,20083832,00.html,,20083832,00.html
 After Falling Under the Spell of Wife Debby, Doug Hennin...,,20083832,00.html Facebook 

 View on,,20083832,00.html
 Preview by Yahoo

After reading the article I looked up any reference to his Merlin musical and 
here is what I read:

The show was not a critical or financial success and is remembered today 
chiefly because of the number of "preview" performances it played: while most 
shows play a month or so prior to inviting critics and having an official 
opening, Merlin had 69, never inviting the critics and postponing the opening 
three times, despite charging full ticket prices.

During the musical's troubled tryouts, the original director (Frank Dunlop) was 
replaced by Co-Producer Reitman and choreographer Billy Wilson was added. The 
tune for the song "Put a Little Magic in Your Life" had previously supported a 
different lyric: "These Are Not the Merriest of Days".

When the show went into previews, there were many technical problems, and the 
opening date was cancelled three times. The New York critics decided enough was 
enough, and went to review it before it's official opening date. They 
universally hated it. Henning couldn't act or sing.


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