All great billionares have said that wealth that came from 
society should go back to society. In that sense the 
economic system should mirror the eco-system.

The point is only capitalism has the capability to actually 
generate wealth. The paradox of communism is that 
disciplined regulated consumpion is neutralized by wasteful 
inefficient production processes.  The paradox of capitalism 
is that efficient production is cancelled out by wasteful 
crass consumerism.

Crass consumerism leads to crass commercialism.

Crass commercialism leads to hyper-exploitation of 
resources, hyper-advertisments.

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 Of course, MMY never advocated "renouncing wealth." 

 In fact, he carefully marketed TM as a technique for householders -people for 
whom wealth was important because they were interested in physical comfort, 
raising kids in a comfortable and safe environment, etc.

 According to theory, the excesses of amassing wealth for its own sake would 
tend to fade with TM practice, being a symptom of a stressed out nervous system 
(even the amassing of wealth for its own sake is arguably a stressful thing, 
making wealth-obession a stress-related illness that TM should help fix 


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