Dear ones; about Apostasy: I was away at a conference last week and over the 
weekend of a scholarly group that studies communal groups like ours. Within one 
paper of a session I learned yet another means or phrase for describing people 
who separate themselves or are separated from 'the group'.. 
 At the Amana Colonies for instance, a spiritual ashram in their time very much 
like our own in aspects here now, as individuals might withdraw for their own 
reasons or were sent out from the group as being asocial, “The blessings of the 
Lord [Unified Field] may be withdrawn.” Well just like some here have fallen 
'off the program', clearly some have not only fallen off the cart but were 
clearly left behind... 'the blessings of the Unified Field, withdrawn'. Good 
Fortune is great though in how infinitely compassionate the natural law of the 
Unified Field is. For certainly whether pure or impure, whether purity or 
impurity is reining everywhere, who so ever opens themselves to the unbounded 
awareness of the Unified Field gains inner and outer purity. Make haste 
friends, take quiet time and Come back to meditation. Jai Guru Dev, -Buck in 
the Dome


 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Hagelin's Response to Hammond's Nov. 30 TM Meeting

  Anartaxius writes: Buck, if you have happened to have read Michael' posts 
here, he seems very passionate in what he feels is right, not cold at all. And 
all of us here have had the 'blessings' of the movement and it has produced 
what you see here on FFL. The result is as varied as life itself. Maybe only 
10% of those who learn TM stick with it, and 90% end up doing something else or 
just stopping. Those who drop off but do something else that works for them, be 
happy for them. Some drift off the spiritual path, and some reach the end of 
the path and walk off (the only rational thing to do in that case). Those that 
oppose the movement are testing its mettle, its truthfulness, its integrity, 
for they find it wanting. The ones that are dangerous are the ones that remain 
on the path forever; they are the ones that have truly failed.

 turquoiseb writes


The last sentence contains a valuable point. What could be more *embarrassing* 
than spending 30 or 40 years of one's life pursuing a spiritual path that led 
nowhere, and then actually being content with being nowhere?
 awoelflebater writes :

 Where is "nowhere"? Sounds like a Zen koan of some sort. Think of it, "I am 
nowhere" and let's add, "I am nobody". How does that work? Sounds positively 
transcendental. You have to be nowhere and nobody to have arrived and to 
become. LOL.

Buck offers:

 I feel this is completely unfair and unrealistic: “What other group would 
proactively attempt to squelch it, as "Raja" (that's ludicrous in itself) 
Hagelin did?  Groups certainly defend themselves against others and have a 
right to do that for survival against others. That is part of the life of 
having groups to belong to. Well run corporations do it. Well run countries do 
this by running vision and mission. Let me quote to you George Washington or 
Abraham Lincoln or Winston. Actually I have paraphrased them all and many 
others many times here. 
 They certainly were effective leaders doing what they came to do in time and 
Hagelin too. But you people, are as cold and immovable as stone weight. Is it 
no wonder that you are so withdrawn to the blessings of the movement? Like 
Buddha the compassionate one on earth we meditate in the Dome here for you,
 Let there be Peace, -Buck



 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Hammond's Nov. 30 TM Meeting
  It is the job of a good leadership to cheer-lead the corporate [communal] 
mission and organization for life in the organization to be effective. I can 
understand that you may have trouble with this. That is okay as some people 'do 
groups' better than others. That is a characteristic or skill-set that comes in 
combination proly somewhere between nature and nurture. But I would expect that 
John Hagelin should respond and set the record straight as to where the 
main-line existing TM community is with this. -Buck

 It certainly is okay that John Hagelin is leading the group this way. Our 
group here. Not many are able this way. He has my support and I wish him well 
in success for all of us meditating here,
 -Buck Still in the Dome

 turquoiseb wrote :

 From: feste37

 This is just too silly for words. If the emphasis is on "assessing the 
content," why is it being promoted as being a message from MMY? The truth is 
that for some weird reason, Hammond is using this ploy to promote his own 
views. If he just gave a talk himself, no one would be interested. So he has 
hit on this ludicrous marketing ploy. As I commented earlier, I am astonished 
that anyone is taking this seriously. 

While I agree that the whole scenario is too silly for words, what does it say 
about the incredible gullibility and susceptibility of TMers *that* it's being 
taken seriously? 

In what other group would its members actually fall for this? 

What other group would proactively attempt to squelch it, as "Raja" (that's 
ludicrous in itself) Hagelin did? 

This is great theater. I hope *some* reporters actually attend, and write it up 
or do a TV bit about it. Can't you just imagine the headline/teaser? 

 Leaders Of TM Cult Freak Out Over Advice From Beyond The Grave 
Sent By Original "Sexy Sadie" Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

 MJ;  Son, you're as bad as Hamas (Abdel Aziz Ali Abdul Majid al-Rantisi, for 
instance  ) and not much better with your constant attack denying even the 
right of the very existence of the main-line TM community. -Buck

 mjackson74 wrote :
 Buck, I can't believe that here you are a grown man, able to drive a tractor, 
write letters, brew coffee, tend to sheep and everything and you act like you 
just fell off the turnip truck.

 Hagelin, Morris, Raja Tony and all the other pin heads that run the Movement 
don't give a crap what the main line TM community think. They all think that 
whatever they tell the TM'ers is what the TM community should believe even if 
it directly contradicts what they have said in the past. 


 Marshy taught them to do this and if you can't see that, then you need to go 
live in an ashram where you don't have to drive or be out in society or nothing 
cause you coping and understanding skills would seem to be minimal.




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