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The nurse that just came down with Ebola had a *low grade* fever before boarding her flight. She contacted the CDC to get advice about travel and had been told it was OK to fly.
/The guy's name she spoke to on the phone is Dr. Thomas R. Frieden and he is the the Director of the U.S. Center for Disease Control in Atlanta.//Apparently the chief doctor in the office is very confused about the Ebola or the term "exponential." How much are we paying this guy?/
Seems to me, both should have known better. The nurse should have definitely known better since she had just been involved with treating the guy form Liberia who had just died. Who knows who she spoke to at the CDC? Could have been a janitor.
/Seems to me the CDC should have been monitoring closely all the 75 or more staff that were directly caring for Mr. Burton, the Ebola patient that died at the Dallas hospital.

Of course the nurse should have known better than to get on a plane, since the other nurse had already been put in isolation. Something tells me they are not taking this seriously enough.//There could be Ebola on hundreds of planes by now. In a few weeks the disease will be all over the planet. Go figure.

///The question is, why did the nurse have to take her own temperature at home and call the CDC in Atlanta on her own cell phone if she was being monitored?

/Other questions:

 * /How does the President think he can control an Ebola outbreak when
   he cant even design a working web site?//
 * /Where did the administrators of the Dallas hospital get the idea
   they could treat an Ebola patient in the first place? /
 * /Why did Obama say you couldn't catch Ebola sitting on a bus and
   then the CDC say not to take public transportation//if you get
 * / W////here is the Obama U.S. Surgeon General when we need him?/
 * /Who is in charge of the u.S. Ebola prevention team?

'Security lapses found at CDC bioterror lab in Atlanta'

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Well, it definately took a trip on airplanes from Liberia to the US and from Dallas to Ohio.
/According to the CDC you can't spread the Ebola virus until you start showing symptoms. In neither case was the victim showing any symptoms when they got on or off the plane.

But, in sense both individuals were airborne. The question is, was there Ebola left in or on the plane they flew on?////By my calculations, if the Ebola is contagious through the air, there must be over 5,000 people now in the U.S. who may or may not get the Ebola.

Maybe we should review the term "exponential."/

"A mathematical exponent expressed by a curve indicating a more and more rapid increase. For example, an organism will increase exponentially from one to two and each splits into four to then form eight, etc."



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Some already knew this from the Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo movie Outbreak! Exemplifying the idea that in Kali Yuga, truth (ebola is airborne) is presented as fiction (a feature film).
/Both President Obama and Dr. Frieden say that you cannot catch Ebola just sitting next to someone on the bus. If you could, we would have been warned by Obama at the Emergency Ebola Meeting in Situation Room yesterday, right?//
//We will know the answer in the next two weeks - over 75 people at the hospital attended Duncan - wearing only a paper face mask.

It may be that the entire population of Dallas may have to be quarantined because when a patient vomits or has diarrhea or even flushes the toilet, "there’s just a cloud that contains pathogen virus particles" all over the room. The whole Texas Health Presbyterian hospital may have to be shut down in a few days due to contamination.//
//Alex Jones://

Fortunately CIDRAP sounds way more trustworthy than CDC. Let's watch how the media spins it... Ebola Is Airborne, University Of Minnesota CIDRAP Researchers Claim <http://www.inquisitr.com/1541821/ebola-is-airborne-university-of-minnesota-cidrap-researchers-claim/>
image <http://www.inquisitr.com/1541821/ebola-is-airborne-university-of-minnesota-cidrap-researchers-claim/>
Ebola Is Airborne, University Of Minnesota CIDRAP Rese... <http://www.inquisitr.com/1541821/ebola-is-airborne-university-of-minnesota-cidrap-researchers-claim/> Ebola is airborne, according to a new report by the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) at the University of Minnesota. Researcher...

View on www.inquisitr.com <http://www.inquisitr.com/1541821/ebola-is-airborne-university-of-minnesota-cidrap-researchers-claim/>
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