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Very interesting link - Shows that Barry was actively involved, in soliciting new cult members for Freddie. No wonder he keeps his mouth shut about that stuff, and only ever mentions Maharishi as a target, for "cult mentality".

/it's common knowledge that Barry solicited new members for MMY and Lenz - that's what cult members do. At one point Barry was handing out flyers for the TMO promising enlightenment in "5-7" years and later tacking up posters for Lenz, promising "instant" enlightenment. Apparently paid for by Barry with his own money.//Go figure.//
//What you need to understand, Jim, is that after spending twenty years seeking a spiritual path with little or no results; and donating thousands of dollars to the cult over a long period of time, Barry is probably justified in his bitterness and anger toward his previous cult members. Maybe it makes him feel better to aim his anger at us. You'd be upset too, if after twenty or thirty years of striving, you realized that you had been enlightened since birth, but you were to ignorant to realize it. Go figure. //
//The problem for Barry isn't the time or the money spent in the cult, but the problem is getting over the deception. That's difficult - sometimes it takes years of counseling to come to terms with with the fact that he is still a True Believer. It didn't help much when Judy made fun of his spiritual teachings. //It looks like he has led a life of rejection.

And then, getting rejected by a discussion group on Yahoo. That might hurt the ego and make anyone angry and depressed!/

This is part of a report Barry filled out, and submitted monthly, to "Doctor" Lenz. Other sections cover career, meditation, physical fitness, and product development progress, every aspect of life - no mind control here folks:


With the understanding that your are entirely responsible for your
interactions with any individuals you choose to teach, Dr. Lenz and
ASI would like a monthly summary or your general attempts to local
appropriate students as well as a monthly update on whether you will
be bringing one or more of them to dinner the next month (starting in
January, note: Dinner reservations must be made in advance by calling
the reservation phone number).

Example: (These are not guidelines as to how you should locate or
deal with potential students of yours, it is merely an example.)

I created a poster for a lecture series I will be giving in the next 3
weeks.  i will give 3 lectures, one per week for 3 weeks at Taft
College on the subject of meditation and psychic development in the
1990s and how it can benefit you in your career.

I have found what I feel is an excellent first candidate and will be
bringing her to the next dinner.

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    > I was thinking that there's a similarity to the Maharishi Effect
    in what Pastor Graham is recommending.

    “The man who prays is the one who thinks that god has arranged
    matters all wrong, but who also thinks that he can instruct god
    how to put them right.”

    Christopher Hitchens.


/The Hindu God Rama Lenz:/


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Yeah, maybe if they pray enough they'll start hopping. :-D

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As Sodom and Gomorrah.  But he has a solution.


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