Yes, the anti-cult, cult. 

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 I *was* a cultist, for the time I was a part of the Rama group. No question 
about it. It was a cult, Fred was its cult leader, and I was a cultist. I have 
No Problem saying any of this, because it's all true. 

 The fact that you were a cult member and gave the cult leader ten thousand 
dollars is not surprising, nor that you were young and foolish - what surprises 
me is that you were a paying cult member for so long. It took you nearly twenty 
years to realize that you were never going to learn how to fly or levitate.
 Go figure.
 That said, that was then and this is now. I bailed from Rama's study a couple 
of years before he died, and before some of the *really* crazy shit went down. 

 So, the question is - if you lied for so long and to so many, who would 
believe anything you say now? It's possible you might still be in a trance 
induction state - you may have merely been turned, inducted into another cult - 
an anti-cult cult. Apparently you are very susceptible to suggestion and peer 

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