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 Why? Its enough for me to know your prediction/projection of her demise/ and 
or serious injury was dead wrong.


 Calm down gentlemen. I simply asked Judy to respond in some small way to 
whether she was okay and if she needed something from me as we here at FFL 
hadn't heard from her for a while. This was over two months ago. She responded 
with two words, "Don't worry." That is enough for me. If she needed my 
assistance in some way she would have asked for it. I am not sure her choice to 
stop posting here should be a platform for whether jyotish is valid or not. We 
can only deduce a couple of things from this small reply I got and those are: 
1) she appears to be alive 2) she can still type. For whatever reason she has 
taken a powder and good for her.  




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