I just came across this, Barry, some sort of self-rating scale you wanted me to 
participate in, regarding my perception, of those reading, of me? What an waste 
of time. Actually, just make 'em up for me - I think it matters to you, a lot 
more than it does to me. 

 Again, its that spiritual criminal, Lenz, peeking through. That horrible 
person was all about making people supremely self-conscious and insecure about 
their place, with regard to everyone else, as if he had the right. What an 
excellent way to drive oneself crazy. He used it, to control others. It must be 
hellish, to continuously wonder what others think of you, and use it as a gauge 
of one's self-esteem.

 Just live life, and self-correct, according to the consequences you produce; a 
skill that you are obviously far short of mastering, Barry. :-) 
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of mental illness
   The noise you produce was even worse when playing inside a room with a 
microphone in a video you probably deleted.  For good reasons. You see now that 
I find you extremely pretentious and perhaps, though I doubt it,  understand 
why I find your critisism of Maharishi as silly as your playing. 


Just as a question, Nabby, what do you think that people on this forum think of 

 I have no idea, nor do I care much. 

Essentially, I'm asking you to "self-rate," the same thing I've asked of Jim 
Flanegin and that he's been too terrified to ever do. I'm asking you to tell us 
what YOU think other people on this forum think of you, and how believable they 
find you.

 Same as over. 

1. Do you think that there is ANYONE on this forum (or anywhere else) who finds 
your stories about Benjamin Creme and the Any-Day-Now appearance of Maitreya 
believable? If so, who are these people so we can contact them to confirm this? 

 Could be, I'm not sure. 

2. Do you think there is ANYONE here who finds the stuff you write about crop 
circles believable and believes that they were created by 'Space Brotherws?' If 
so, please give us their names. ( The people who believe this, not the names of 
the Space Brothers. :-)

 Problem with the majority of posters are they are closed-minded, probably due 
to lack of progress. The only poster here that seems remotely open to these 
facts is Rick Archer. There are probably others but the don't excactly voice 
their opinion. Not that is matters much. 

3. Do you think there is ANYONE on this forum who feels that you are a good 
example of what TM does for a person? Again, give us names please.

 I have no idea, nor do I care. 

4. Do you think there is ANYONE on this forum (or anywhere else) who feels that 
you are even SANE? Names, please. 

 I have no idea, one can only hope :-)

5. Do you think there is ANYONE on this forum (or anywhere else) who actually 
CARES what you think of Curtis, me, or MJ? Again, we'll wait for you to supply 
names, if you dare. 


 The question came up by anartaxius so I Guess so. 

6. Finally, do you think you'd still be welcome in Vlodrop or in any official 
TM flying facility? 


 Absolutely. My standing in the Movement is without blemish and I can join any 
flying-facility anytime I like, internationally a letter of approval is 
necessary and no problem at all. 

I'm really interested in your answer to the last question, because I've been 
contacted by someone in Europe who has offered to give me your real name and 
the real story of why you are no longer part of the TM movement and are instead 
hiding out in Norway. It'll be interesting to compare this person's version 
with your own. 


 Yeah right. These people are as non-excistent as Your "lurking reporters". And 
I'm very much part of the Movement but never had the time nor the opportunity 
to do the rectification courses though offers to take it comes at regular 
intervals every year. With the new prices I also doubt there would be room for 
the amount of Teachers we used to have. Thus I do not teach anymore nor do I 
participate in any international projects mainly due do to work load.
 I've posted this information before, BTW.

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 M: Thanks for the well intentioned advice Nabs. I'll take it to heart. What I 
am getting from you is that when I am singing outside without a mike to an 
audience many meters away, I should sound more like a guy sitting in the corner 
of a quiet recording room inches from a mike. And when I am covering a fast 
Elmore James song I should play it like another song that is slower.

You got some mighty fine ears on ya boy!

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 "If Curtis were as bad as you say, what do you think he should do to improve?"

 Good question. First of all I'd recommend practise, practise, practise. He 
could start by hitting one note at a time, just one note and listening to it, 
how it sounds, vibrates and how the sound slowly disappears. Just that, very 
simply and innoscently create one sound, and then listen to it, how pleasing is 
that sound, does it sound better doing it in another way ?  And again, and 
again, and again. By doing this one acquires an understanding of the basics and 
a love for the note itself. Without this basics one is lost and will never 
achieve anything. One should understand that the ability to play fast on any 
instrument is not the same as playing music. To be able to play slowly is the 
hallmark of a professional.
  Many amateurs, like Curtis, make this mistake; they skip the basics and try 
to convey too much.
 I recommend you to listen to the video I posted by Robert Johnson. Where is 
the showmanship in this ? There isn't any because his heart is in it. When you 
listen to this, perhaps you better understand my disgust when fellows like 
Curtis comes along claiming to play the blues.

 Robert Johnson - Kind Hearted Woman Blues (1936) 

 Robert Johnson - Kind Hearted Woman Blues (1936) 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82yNxiF-T4A This Song contains the only guitar 
solo Robert Johnson ever recorded. I very good example for his amazing talent. 
He plays rhythm and lead guitar on one inst...

 View on www.youtube.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82yNxiF-T4A 
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