It isn't really in the spirit of the internet to use your real
    name, the idea is that you can project the image you want and even
    hide what sex and age you are. It's a meeting of minds doncha know.

   /Anyone can be anything they want to be on an internet discussion
   group. The question is, why would someone want to troll under an
   alias and trash a discussion and make themselves look like an
   atheistic asshole? It just doesn't make any sense to normal people
   seeking answers to the spiritual life.

   When people do that it indicates they probably have OCD or serious
   anger management issues. In fact, it's dishonest to use an alias in
   a real online discussion. Only newbies and adolescents do that
   because they are trying to hide something from their parents.

   But, it is especially strange for science writers to post using an
   alias - I mean, who is going to do an internet search for a
   "salyavin808" - everything you post to the internet is lost in
   Warehouse 13. What a waste of time. In contrast, most of my
   information forms a huge data base of information and I'll be famous
   for several generations.You are a nobody.

/On 10/31/2014 2:09 PM, salyavin808 wrote:

    I think you are quite probably insane. I can't perform an actual
    diagnosis over the internet but if you think you post any
    information at all - other than the fact you are insane - then
    I've yet to see it.

Non sequitur.

    /But perhaps I'm being too harsh and you are merely autistic or
    have behavioural problems. I have tried to discuss things with you
    in the past - many times - but you always just get abusive and
    start posting irrelevant rubbish that you cut and paste from
    Wikipedia. I don't know if you just don't know anything or think
    that posting anything as long as it appears contrary to my
    position is helpful to whatever cause it is you have. Or maybe
    they only give you limited computer use at your care home. Either
    way, I have tried.

/Non sequitur.

    /I'm sorry if you think that someone who doesn't believe in magic
    is automatically an asshole, I can't help you there. I do explain
    why I think the supernatural is an inadequate explanation for our
    experience but you just stick your fingers in your ears and post
    endless bollocks to spam the whole thread up. Every single time.
    What pleasure you get from your online existence I cannot guess at
    because you contribute absolutely nothing of any intellectual
    value either way that I've seen here./


    /You may very well be famous, and I'm sure that is very important
    to you, I'm also sure that anyone who has tried to read your
    dribble every day on here will be telling their friends with
    horror what a full spiritual life can do for you. Someone should
    make a flicker book of your last ten years of posts here and we
    can look at them one after the other and maybe even you will
    shudder as you watch them not change, even remotely.

/Non sequitur.

    /And I am happy to be a nobody. I suspect for you to think that is
    an adequate insult means you must think you are a somebody. Good
    luck with whoever you really are because you inspire no jealousy
    in me at all./

/Whenever informants post using an alias it indicates they are nobody in particular and that anything they say is relegated to Warehouse 13, never to be seen again, unless by accident. While you were posting messages that end on one line and almost all begin with RE:, I wrote a whole book using my real name. It's always better to use your real name on a discussion group because that way, you'll be somebody to remember and other respondents can do an advanced search to find out what you've posted.

As it is, you've already wasted a year or two posting as a nobody. When you are gone, you are gone - nobody is going to do a search for //"salyavin808" because nobody even knows who you are. It's not complicated./

/ <>

    /An alias actually sometimes tells more about an informant than
    using their real name.

    For example a "Michael Jackson" living in SC indicates to me a
    rebel guy that hates black people. Another example is "Uncle
    Tantra" which indicates to me an old guy with deviant sexual
    proclivities. Go figure./

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