It isn't really in the spirit of the internet to use your real
    name, the idea is that you can project the image you want and
    even hide what sex and age you are. It's a meeting of minds
    doncha know.
    /Anyone can be anything they want to be on an internet discussion
    group. The question is, why would someone want to troll under an
    alias and trash a discussion and make themselves look like an
    atheistic asshole? It just doesn't make any sense to normal people
    seeking answers to the spiritual life.

    When people do that it indicates they probably have OCD or serious
    anger management issues. In fact, it's dishonest to use an alias
    in a real online discussion. Only newbies and adolescents do that
    because they are trying to hide something from their parents.

    But, it is especially strange for science writers to post using an
    alias - I mean, who is going to do an internet search for a
    "salyavin808" - everything you post to the internet is lost in
    Warehouse 13. What a waste of time. In contrast, most of my
    information forms a huge data base of information and I'll be
    famous for several generations.You are a nobody.

    I think you are quite probably insane.

/On 10/31/2014 2:24 PM, TurquoiseBee [FairfieldLife] wrote:
Uh, DUH.

Are people on Fairfield Life *just* noticing this?

Not the greatest advertisement for "creative intelligence" ever, eh?  :-)
/So, Barry spent what, $50,000 and 20 years trying to learn how to fly and levitate without success, while I stuck to basic TM, got an education, worked and raised a family and retired with a nice pension, but I'm the one who is insane? Go figure./

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