FFL is looking less like a "Funny Farm Lounge" and more like Derek's (Rick Gervais) old folks home. Both sides are spouting demented shit. :-D

As for politics in the US, the Dems screwed the pooch. They've been spamming like crazy for money. Well, those who voted Democrat in the past might have had some money to give if they would have stood up to Wall Street and the Republicans. Instead they became "Republican Lite" and went along with Wall Street. But it is now only a matter of time until the US economy totally collapses and the BRICS nations take over.

And as usual I have a movie for folks here. This one is even "OK for Buck". But Mikey and Billy maybe shouldn't watch it or they'll be packing their bags to move to Beijing. Seems most Chinese made movies that get distributed in the US don't really show how affluent the country is now. "Caught in the Web" is about a young woman who gets caught on camera phone not giving up her seat on a bus to an older man and becomes the target of a national controversy when the video winds up on a night time TV show. It's listed as a drama or social issue movie but it is treated as a dark comedy of errors. Well worth a watch and available on Netflix WI.

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Classic C4MB. First posted in 1997 on the Christians for Michele Bachmann Geocities webpage.

Sure sounds as if *someone* has been injecting the pot. Check out Michele's "sparkling eyes" in the first photo below. :-)

In all seriousness, I haven't been able to watch or read much of anything about this midterm election madness in the US because it all gives me the creeps so badly. It's like watching the news in Germany just before Kristalnacht. It appears that the entire nation has gone insane, not just obvious nut cases like this woman and whoever wrote this Chrisschun propaganda.

Sadly, I've been getting the same feeling reading FFL the last few days, which is why I've been so quiet. I find it difficult to believe that people can *BE* as gullible and unintelligent as jr_esq, Nabby, Buck, and Srijau, and as vindictive as some of the other TM TBs.

Bhairitu's "Funny Farm Lounge" really doesn't cover it any more. Rick needs to order some straight jackets, because the place seems to have turned into the "Lifer" ward of the asylum.

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