Thanks for finding this MJ, it's pure gold.

 I love how he makes it sound so reasonable to connect the big bang with 
astrology and all the planets and how they affect us but not mention why 
anything not visible to the naked eye doesn't affect us at all!

 The longer it goes on the redder his face gets. I'd like to run the video 
through some sort of high-tech bullshit detector that measures skin response 
and voice patterns to measure dishonesty. His voice rises in pitch when he uses 
any well understood term in the wrong context, like quantum theory and 
prediction at the macro scale. Bit of a giveaway, I think he'd get a 10/10 on 
any lie detector, if we could watch it sideways I bet his nose gets longer.

 There are so many errors and sleights of hand it'd take all day to mention 
them all, but the idea that super strings are a symphony that correlate with 
the use of sound in yagya and creates atoms in nature and can therefore be used 
to influence both is the biggest stretch. 

 I'm going to forward this to some proper scientists, I know it's wasting their 
time but this is being used to screw money out of people so maybe there's a 
James Randi with a bit of media clout who might be interested. Philip French? 
Richard Wiseman? Susan Blackmore? You've got mail!

 And I can't believe someone with a PHD in physics has got the nerve to use 
Feynman diagrams to bolster this rubbish. As the great man said "Science is how 
we've learned not to fool ourselves." 



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I'm going to have to take this video one step at a time. Too much exposure to 
this bollocks at once could possibly be fatal. 

 My first observation is, and I may be imagining it, but JH looks like he 
doesn't believe it ether. In fact he looks positively embarrassed. Something in 
the way his face pinches up when he talks. If I was a copper interviewing him 
about some heinous crime I wouldn't believe a word of it. Lying through his 

 But then,  considering the amount of money involved that's exactly how I do 

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 Sal, you have been wrong-headed about jyotish and yagya. All you have to do is 
listen to and watch Dr. John Hagelin in this here video and it will straighten 
out your thinking. Don't resist, because that will be karmically rough on you. 
Watch and believe.
 Videos | Maharishi Yagyas for the Nation: Prevention, Pr... Videos Dr. John Hagelin 
explains the scientific basis of Jyotish and Yagya, the uniqueness of Maharishi 
Yagya, and the benefits of National Yagyas. Dr. John Hagelin...

 View on"; 
 Preview by Yahoo


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