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 Caffeine is my current drug of choice. Without it kapha loves to go high and I 
feel like sleeping all day.  Unfortunately my espresso machine broke and it is 
a bear to fix if I can at all.  The company seems to think that I should just 
buy a new one.  What a "throwaway" society we are. And it was not one of my 
"Starbucks" days. :-D 

 Good for you, I would rather fix than throw away even if it costs more. It is 
my way of protesting. And also, that you have a certain amount of times per 
week that you go to Starbucks. It is very expensive - plus, I like to frequent 
my local independent rather than Starbucks. 

 Problem with the independent places is they often cost as much or more than 
Starbucks and some just use a restaurant supplier grind which isn't that bold.  
Also they often aren't very friendly places.  I know the folks at the downtown 
Starbucks and there is a nice patio outside the place.  Also I stopped drinking 
Americanos and have their Clover brew instead.  That's an inverse press machine 
and the drink is much stronger. You can also call out which beans to use in it. 
 When I get my freebie I get the most expensive beans and the Venti size. 
You'll only find those in certain newly remodeled Starbucks.
 The cold and soggy NW indeed has much better independent run coffee bars.  
Though when I lived in Redmond I would go to Starbucks then walk two door down 
to a bakery that did all whole grains and had killer blueberry cinnamon rolls.  
Yum!  And I often ate breakfast at a locally run restaurant that made real 
British scones. 
 You have made a careful study and made some finely-tuned decisions as to your 
coffee and your place to drink that coffee. I love that. Discrimination is a 
good thing. My little independent has one location and makes all their soups 
and baked goods on site. They are about the same price as Starbucks but I don't 
mind. They are always friendly and their chai latte is alway consistently the 
same and very good. Starbucks varies from location to location. Not that chai 
tea is some sort of exotic drink but boy can they be all over the map in terms 
of taste and consistency.

 One of the funny things about Starbucks was when they introduced their "chai 
tea latte" back in the late 1990s.  I told them chai means tea in Hindi so they 
were calling it a tea tea latte.  I have a lactose intolerance so I never drink 
 I also used to go to Indian restaurants and order "garam pani" to drink and 
get a grin from the Indian servers.  It means "hot water".  
 Thanks for the tip, I have been repeating myself for years now, as it turns 

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