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 It's always good to run into someone who appreciates "Children Of Men." Great 
movie, as was his previous "Y tu mamá también."

 The bit when they brought the newborn child outside was amazing and sadly 
summed up mankind beautifully - 5 seconds of awe, then back to the fighting.

 But I'm not likely to ever head over to Vlodrop. Cults are easier to 
appreciate at a distance.


 I'd go and have a look for sure, but you could use your previous experience to 
get you through the door - governor privilege and all that - and get a good 
feel of how it is nowadays compared to the old. 

How would I "prove" myself a "Governor?" It's not as if the TM movement back in 
my day kept any records -- the data people at National couldn't find any 
records of either people initiated before 1975 or people made teachers before 
1975 when they tried to do so for a court case. 

 You mean there's no secret handshake?

And back in my day there were no such things as "badges," so I never had one. 
Me being allowed in the door or not would probably all depend on whether there 
was anyone on the premises who remembered me from back then. 


 Probably best not to mention you're a roving reporter for Fairfield Life! 

 I wonder if there's still a lot of security there, the CIA must have lost 
interest by now. Probably just a few heavies to keep the groupies away from 

 I've been out of it ten years and when I'm visiting my TM mates and they lapse 
back into the 'language' it gives me the creeps, like someone walking over my 
grave. I'd like to hear an on the scene report from you anyway, probably be 
really funny. Maybe they'll draw you back into the fold!

 Yeah, "the creeps" is the bigger issue. I have a hard enough time *imagining* 
people still stuck in the TM mindset, much less interfacing with them in 


 The potential for humor might be a draw, but I'm really not sure I could get 
over the creepiness factor long enough to be funny about it. 


 I always thought that our academy would make a great fly-on-the-wall 
documentary series. Especially during a flying course. I pitched it to the guy 
who organised the filming work we used to permit for the extra money, and he 
said NEVER, obviously. I was teasing because I could see how crazy it was even 
then, everyone else thought it was normal! But there was always the tendency to 
hide the eccentricity from the public, even from beginners.

 Makes me wonder what other cults get up to, behind the scenes at Scientology 
HQ would also be unmissable.

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   I forgot! Vlodrop, Holland, is the former residence of Maharishi and is a 
capital of the Global Country of World Peace. Of course, nothing but peace and 
love can emanate from the Netherlands . . .

 Please, please, please, drop in on Vlodrop and let the residents there know, 
in no uncertain terms, what you think of the current state of the TMO. Then 
report back to us on how the true believers received you.

 PS: Children of Men is a great movie. The two scenes where Clive Owen and co 
are in danger and try to escape by car are masterpieces of heart-thumping film.

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 No, because I do not consider it at all likely that a race war will actually 
erupt here. I am very attuned to the "immigration issue" wherever it takes 
place in Europe, and my assessment is that the Netherlands does the best job of 
any country I've been in so far in terms of helping immigrants to "fit in" and, 
more important, *feel like* they're "fitting in." I would imagine race wars to 
be more an issue all over the UK and in France rather than here.

 I remember being in Dublin with my brother and we went to see Alfonso Cuarón 
http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0190859/'s "Children Of Men" in a theater there, and 
realizing about halfway through the movie (which is a dystopian view of 
immigrants being rounded up all over the UK and "sent back where they came 
from") that we were sitting in an abnormally quiet theater. I looked around, 
and found that most of the people in the theater were immigrants. They were 
quiet because they realized that in Ireland they were possibly looking at their 
"near future," not some faraway "scifi future."

 I could be all wrong about this, of course. But I live and interact with 
immigrants every day. In my current Dutch class, I'm the only person from the 
US. The others are from all over the globe. Many are originally from Islamic 
countries. All feel Dutch. Go figure. 


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   Re "But if you know Amsterdam at all, can you imagine what *it* will be like 
in the future?  I can. ":

 As Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn were both murdered for expressing robust 
views about Islam will your projected novel feature a race war?


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 Having finished one big project recently and looking for another, I am toying 
with taking advantage of where I live and writing a scifi story set in a Blade 
Runner-ish future...but in Amsterdam. 


 We got to see what L.A. had evolved (or devolved) into in "Blade Runner." But 
if you know Amsterdam at all, can you imagine what *it* will be like in the 
future?  I can.  :-) 


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 If you were writing science fiction what would you be writing these days?
 On 11/08/2014 11:51 PM, salyavin808 wrote:

 Cheers, there's a lot of my faves there and a few new ones that I haven't 
tried. And a couple of those are now on the way to me! 
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