I only saw Amsterdam from the airport which is probably not much of it at all.

I tend to have screenplays in my mind which actually might start out as more manageable short stories. One idea is stories set in the "solution" future I have where the economy has been brought into balance, the government is transcendental socialist which it's not in your face there to serve the people and there is free enterprise for the folks who want to run their own small business. It's a very clean and lean society with plenty of leisure time. The stories themselves might be more comedy of errors that just use that future as a setting. But it's a good way to demonstrate how cool that future could be rather than just talking in theory.

To try out my new "free" Bluray player on a disc I watched "Edge of Tomorrow" which I enjoyed because of the humor in it. Features Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. It also had a fairly plausible idea about where the aliens came from.

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Having finished one big project recently and looking for another, I am toying with taking advantage of where I live and writing a scifi story set in a Blade Runner-ish future...but in Amsterdam.

We got to see what L.A. had evolved (or devolved) into in "Blade Runner." But if you know Amsterdam at all, can you imagine what *it* will be like in the future? I can. :-)

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If you were writing science fiction what would you be writing these days?

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Cheers, there's a lot of my faves there and a few new ones that I haven't tried. And a couple of those are now on the way to me!

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