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 Chances are your answer is wrong, as this article about the difference between 
our perceptions and reality points out. 


 Here's a hint:  He's the highest-grossing-at-the-box-office action star of all 
time, and is about to set a new record by appearing in the highest-grossing 
film of the year for the second year in a row. 


 Here's another hint:  It's not a he. 

 http://tinyurl.com/nb93ebj http://tinyurl.com/nb93ebj


 I saw The Hunger Games the other day, rather enjoyed it actually which 
surprised me as it sounded like a bit of a teen movie but there was more too it 
than I expected. And it could have been really gory just for the sake of it but 
it was quite touching. I must be turning into an old softie.

 JL was really good in the lead role. And I liked the bit with the hornets.

 Might even treat myself to the sequel, I think a bit of development in how the 
society works and got where it was might make it an even better film.

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