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 Thanks. It's because the world is transforming so fast most old people are not 
able to adjust, and most posters here are just that; old. Even the idea that 
Maitreya is in the world makes the Buddhist's go bananas since they believe He 
will not incarnate in another 330.000 years from now.
 It's all over; this clinging to stale, outdated, old ideas.
 As expected really since their minds are no longer exposed to infinity.

 "The future is bright, and that is our delight."


 There is nothing wrong with optimism and desire for a happier future where 
human beings can realize how special their lives could be and what lies at the 
basis of all that surrounds us. I'd far rather listen to an optimist and one 
who holds so many possibilities in their hearts than those who dismiss all that 
appears unprovable or is beyond their personal experience as idiotic and 
laughable. Most of us only have a tiny realization of the possibilities in this 


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