"Being in the waking state is not a matter of addiction". Spoken like a True 
Addict!! :-)

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 Being in the waking state is not a matter of addiction, one simply is in it or 
not. Were it true that those 'addicted to the Waking State' see enlightened 
ones as their enemy, no guru would ever have a job, because everyone starting 
out is stuck there.  In terms of schemes of enlightenment, a person in deep 
sleep, dreaming, or waking has no choice in the matter. CC, GC, UC, and BC are 
also waking states, if you assume these states also exist. The term 'addicted 
to' is simply to cast aspersion.

 Those who come to FFL certainly ought to be able to see that those here, 
enlightened, or on the enlightenment path, or having abandoned the 
enlightenment path, are all rather unpleasant people, by virtue of what we 
write, and by virtue of what we write about each other.

 In person, maybe, some us might be more tolerable.

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 No problem - Those addicted to The Waking State, always see the enlightened 
ones as their enemy. It is a fact of life, hence your visceral dislike of both 
me, and Maharishi. :-) Freddy gets a pass from you though - lol 

 Better to do TM, asap, Barry, than continue this frustration over my 
enlightenment. Then, at the very least, you will know what you are talking 
about. For now, your ranting is simply a sad display of your ego-addiction.

 Jai Guru Dev
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 From: "Xenophaneros Anartaxius anartaxius@... [FairfieldLife]" 

 Fleetwood would not be able to convince Barry he is enlightened as Barry 
regards him as a narcissistic bore. 


 Trying to live up to my reputation for posting coherent and well-thought-out 
material (not to mention occasional brevity), I should point out that I can 
actually tolerate narcissistic bores. I studied many years each with Maharishi 
and Fred Lenz - Rama, after all. 


 What I can't tolerate is unintelligent, uninteresting, buffoonish narcissistic 



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