Turkey vultures have a *much* smaller body, all that bulk is a folded six foot 
wingspan - We watch them circle up and out of the canyons almost every day. 
Largest nostrils of any bird, so they can smell carrion from hundreds of feet 
up. Doesn't add to their looks, but first things, first. 
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 oh, good point.  But these were pretty large birds, and they were scattered 
over a little area.  I couldn't see exactly, but it looked more like they were 
pecking along at little bits of something, sorta like chickens. 

 Looking at the pictures below, the guys I saw maybe had a more vertical 

 And then the next day, over in Chesterfield, near the Missouri River, I 
noticed a big freshly plowed field with white spots all around.  As I got 
closer I saw that they were doves, or some other white bird, who were pecking 
away at what must have been some freshly laid seed.

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 This was kind of funny. 

 The other day, I think it was Monday, I was on the highway in Illinois, and 
there on the side of the road, right off the shoulder, were five turkeys, busy 
pecking away at something they had found.

 We know Benjamin Franklin said the eagle was too "immoral" to be our national 
bird and much preferred the turkey.


 I'm still votin' for the eagle. (-:

 Are you sure they weren't turkey vultures? They can look a little alike with 
their ugly heads and turkey vultures would definitely be pecking on road kill.






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 I mentioned about Thanksgiving, being a less commercial holiday than our 
others, and am curious if a similar holiday exists in the other countries 
represented here? In other words, one not tied to religion or patriotism, or a 
great person, but simply to give thanks for what we have.

 Canadian thanksgiving is pretty much the same but we don't have the big 
shopping thing the day after. Canadians tend to be a bit more understated than 
Americans in most things they do on a large scale - oh, except for the hockey 
thing. That is religion here and considered their own invention although I 
think some arguments exist that Holland invented the first hockey sticks and 
the idea of hitting objects around a frozen surface.

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