Re "filing of actual criminal charges": 

 Don't US courts refuse to extradite their own citizens to the law in foreign 
jurisdictions? Or at least make it damned difficult?

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 Salyavin, if I apologize, what's included is an intention to avoid doing the 
hurtful behavior in the future. Heck we all do awful stuff sometimes. I think 
it's a valid part of relating to others that we acknowledge our part in their 
upset and then soldier on.


 Yes, the operative word here is IF. Trouble is these days a lot of people 
think that because they are offended by something it automatically follows that 
someone has done something wrong and should apologise. It seems like simply 
being offended gives them the right to control other's opinions. Beats me.

 Worse, in this Age of New Age Narcissism, they feel that they have the right 
to inflict *their* opinions on others. In the most recent case here on 
Fairfield Life, my choice of words pushed the buttons of a few cultists so 
badly that they began to imagine things about me that aren't true. This is 
nothing new, but then -- probably because they're so USED to taking their own 
fantasies seriously and treating them as Truth Incarnate -- they started to act 
those fantasies out on this forum and accuse me of things. The things that they 
have brainwashed themselves to believe about me aren't true, but they are 
volatile enough that if I had allowed them to go unresponded-to, the resulting 
libel and defamation could potentially have a negative impact on my family. 


 Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for the two people who have chosen to 
defame me), one of our close family friends here in the Netherlands IS a cop, 
and furthermore one who works in the anti-cyberterrorism group. We know him 
from a local "Meetup" discussion group, of which we've all been members for 
some time. 


 So yesterday I explained the situation to him and, to my surprise, his first 
question to me was, "By any chance, are these people who are trying to 
insinuate that you are a child molestor members of a religious cult?" Somewhat 
taken aback, I said "Yes," and then he explained that the reason he asked is 
that this (using the Internet to attempt to brand someone as a sex criminal, 
especially in regard to children) was a favorite tactic used by cults they are 
tracking in the Netherlands (especially $cientology, but also some extreme 
Christian cults). 


 He advised me to take this action by Nabby and Jim Flanegin more seriously, 
and walked me through the steps of doing so. Here in the Netherlands, it's a 
two-step process. First I notify the proper division of the police about the 
cyberstalking, giving them the email addresses of the stalkers and forwarding 
to them examples of all defamatory posts or emails they have sent. This 
officially puts them on a "Watch List," and causes Interpol and other agencies 
to flag any traffic coming from these addresses for further scrutiny. 


 This has been done. If they wise up and drop this stupidity, I will never need 
to take it to step two, which is the filing of actual criminal charges. Note 
that the words "criminal charges" are exact in this situation -- my friend made 
it very clear that here in the Netherlands what they are doing is not a mere 
civil offense but a crime.

 But the saddest part from my point of view is that neither of these guys is 
going to ever feel as if they did anything wrong. THEY were the ones taking the 
two words I posted *referring to their spiritual teacher* and turning them in 
their heads into some kind of psychological diagnosis of me. THEY were the ones 
committing defamation and libel -- as pointed out earlier, I never once 
suggested that Maharishi or anyone else *really* was into fucking babies. THEY 
made that up, and about me. My friend the cop -- having seen my original post 
and their followups -- tells me that if either of them persists in this folly, 
my case against them will be a slam-dunk and he could put them in prison. 


 But isn't it amazing that they felt that they had the *right* to do this in 
the first place? As Salyavin and others have pointed out (and my friend the cop 
suggested as well), this syndrome of "professional outrage" they wear like a 
badge of honor is quite possibly a form of mental illness. Their outrage does 
NOT give them the right to act out the fantasies my words inspire in them and 
harm others.   


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 "If I was the moderator of this group I'd put him on probation with a very 
strong warning and demand an apology to the entire group and until he does I'd 
limit his participation." 


 I don't know who wrote the above but it's a familiar part of modern life that 
makes me scratch my head.

 Seems like every day some celebrity/sports star/politician says some generally 
inconsequential thing and immediately faces endless calls to apologise from the 
massed ranks of the professionally offended. Usually via Twitter.

 I don't know why they bother, because what good is an insincere apology? But 
it's not really about that, what it's about is control and humiliation. 
Everyone who complains knows that the apology is worth nothing and that people 
don't really see the error of their ways and swiftly adopt the morals of the 
herd, but if they can get someone to say what they want them to say it makes 
them happy because their will has been bent and it acts as a warning to others. 
Conform or we'll nag you endlessly. Is this the Internet as the great leveller, 
or a growing inability of people to accept that not everyone sees the world the 
same way they do?

 I knew this girl who was a right arrogant bitch, whenever I complained about 
her behaviour she'd just say "I'm sorry you're offended by what I said" which 
is marvellous because it put all the blame on me for her attitude problem. And 
she never understood why that drove me crazy, no empathy you see. I wonder what 
that's like? But all I know is she wouldn't even think to wonder. 

 But if I ever annoy the world and the Twitteratti come banging on my cyber 
door for an apology that's what I'd say and see if any of the dumb fucks notice 
they've just been insulted further.



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