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 It was Judy who brought that phrase about being open minded, attributed to her 
dad, after I accused her of being close minded on a topic.

C: I didn't get if from Judy or her dad. We all got it from someplace else, it 
is a common saying. The skeptics use it a lot which is most likely my source. 
James Randi used it a lot. 
 N: What is happening to FFL is we are getting old and cranky.  Some of us are 
approaching our 70s and some are already there.  And we have some that are a 
generation younger (apparently Salyavin and MJ).
 It is kinda unusual to watch a group fly this out of control.  Usually 
moderators will keep things civil but then there's nothing like a "free for 
all" either.  Some of us like to keep our anonymity because we don't want 
(having been TM teachers) unwarranted reprisals from the TMO. Even Judy 
recommended it.
 But anyway the places also has to keep up it's appearances as a "loony bin" 
which doesn't seem to hard to do. :-D 

C: I think it has worked pretty well as an unmoderated discussion group with a 
few exceptions. I can only think of a few times when it seemed to go over what 
I consider a reasonable line. I don't mind if someone calls me names here about 
being stupid or unevolved because of my perspective. I consider all of that a 
version of "poopy pants" and believe it weakens their argument against my 
points. It says " this is all I got." So if a moderator jumped in on that kind 
of personal attack it would take away what i consider to be evidence of my 
points not being refuted by reason. That works for me.

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   I am just trying to keep from being so "open minded" that my brains fall out!
 Glad it made you laugh.

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 Curtis, I'm still LOLing as I reply. What got me laughing was your comment 
about what is overrated at this stage of life. Being vague so others can enjoy 
it for themselves...
 Have fun tomorrow and I look forward to your report.



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   I've watched this will some alarm because last time I was posting here I had 
to try to back down Jim and Nabby from creating fantasy ill-will scenarios 
about my personal life in response to me posting my opinions about Maharishi's 
teaching. It was an escalation of their MO since I began posting here. I am 
happy to see it resolved with Jim creating his own page while hilariously 
claiming that it was because OTHER people were not being civil here! I do not 
believe it will last any more than his participation on then other 
"enlightened" forum, but hope to be proven wrong. 
 I think you were right to go the legal route because they were crossing a 
weird and disturbing line Barry. There is no parity between how you post here 
and what those guys were up to. 
 FFL has gone through many different incarnations as strongly influential 
posters come and go. I viewed the end of the Judy era as a positive thing, but 
was disturbed to see how others escalated to fill the gap. Judy ran her routine 
in a much more interesting way IMO, so despite strongly dissagreing with her 
most of the time, I was entertained and prompted to write more many times 
because of her participation. That degraded in the era of the clique she led 
that involved the Share bashing era in the girl's locker room. Shit got weird 
and unpleasant, but worst of all boring.
 I don't know where FFL is headed now but I am an optimist. I intend to report 
on my experiences tomorrow at the "event" in Alexandria. Last I checked almost 
800 people had reserved a seat. I had some contact with people from the old 
days who were kind enough to share their perspective. Although I remain a 
skeptic and am not really going with anything close to an "open" mind 
(overrated at this stage of my life I believe) I will go for the many layers of 
entertainment. One of the greatest aspects of the entertainment will be posting 
here about it. FFL has been a great resource for my thinking and writing. It 
has been so useful that I have put up with some people with unfriendly agendas 
against me here. It was the ticket for admission.
 Sorry to see things spiral out so far here but I am encouraged to see the 



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