Title: FFL's Adult Yahoo Category
For some reason the bozos at Yahoo recently switched FFL’s classification to the http://dir.groups.yahoo.com/dir/Romance___Relationships/Adult category. This obligates people to agree to Yahoo’s Porn conditions before being admitted to the messages. I also just discovered that FFL no longer comes up in the results when you search for it or for any of the keywords in its description in the “Find a Group” box at http://groups.yahoo.com/. This is probably true of all groups in the adult category. I would like to submit an appeal to Yahoo and would like some of you to help me by exploring the Yahoo Groups category structure and recommending the ideal category for FFL. I will then begin to pester Yahoo to change our category. I obviously did not choose the adult category when I started this group. I believe I chose something in the communities category. I wonder if they switched us because Tom Pall complained, or whether they automatically detect profanity in posts and assign groups to the adult category if they find any. Anyway, this situation handicaps the group and I would like to remedy it. Thanks in advance for your help.

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