You might have a point there.  It's part of "dumbing down" the nature of 
humanity in the current trend of American society.  John Hagelin talked about 
this point in the interview he made with Rick Archer.  For example, there is a 
pervasive idea in some circles that the human body should be genetically 
engineered to be bigger, healthier, and smarter.  But, in the long run, we may 
be breeding out the subtle quality of being human--that is the ability to 
transcend and the ability to sustain "pure consciousness" to reach 


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 WWMD? Doesn't sound very *Vedic* to me. Wondering how many women fought 
Alexander the Great. Doesn't Maharishi talk about the delicate female nervous 
system and it should be protected to protect future generations, or sumpin like 
that? We're already producing a lot of *f*ed up kids as it is. Imagine women 
coming home from prolonged military engagements and then having kids. I don't 
know, maybe just the *chauvinism* in me. Watcha think Emily and Anne?



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 Two generals recommended this idea to a senate panel.  What do you think?




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