> > --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "jim_flanegin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> > > He is just pissed off and frustrated in general that his 
> > > enlightenment eludes him, and chooses to take it out on anyone
who brings up the topic. I can relate, and I'm sure you can too, Peter. 
> > > Before such a breakthrough is a lot of frustration for something
so tantalizingly close and yet apparently unreachable.

The imputing of others motives, the deconstruction of others'
experiences is getting fascinating on this board. Like a soap opera of
vindictiveness. Even though Dr. Stuphen, apparently the most educated
on this board in these matters, says that is impossible to do
correctly. Yet, ignoring such wise counsel,  some still seem obsessed
with doing so. 

A more subtle thing appears to present itself. The enlightenment
story. Some appear to claim it as a means to differentiate themselves
from others. So many tribes, races, religions, creeds, nations and
movements  have done this in the past and present. I am in (arbitrry)
Circle A  and you are not. You are not one of us. We are special. 

Who knows if this is what is going on in Jim's mind, but there appears
to be a pattern of such in any number of posters. Just an observation.

If this pattern does exist, it seems strange to me. While I personaly
think enlightement is a bogus and misused label, it appears that
adherents (worshipers to such label idols?)  proclaim "oneness amongst
us all". Yet an apparent (observable) tendency to differentiate "us
from them". All facilitated by "the enlightenment story". And other tools.

While I am not sayng walking the talk is a sign of so called
enlightenment (btw, please at least first define your enlightenment
tradition if you are going to use the term), not walking ones talk
would seem a weak sign of so called enlightenment.   But then again,
"Enlightenment is a Big Red Popsicle!", so anything goes.

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