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Valid observations, but there are a number of emerging factors that
provide a counter force, or a new direction.  
> With respect to the "media myth", I think you have it exactly
backwards. USA as the bastion 
> of freedom and democracy is the media myth. One has only to see who
owns the media to 
> understand how this could be the case.

Blogs. Podcasting and Internet radio -- huge diversity of independent
news sources -- and cheap production giving the "pen" to the masses.
Diversity of cable news and print media sources, including from
overseaas. Indie films. Garage recording studios with internet
distribution. "Affordable" Hi-Def video-cams allowing professional
video, along with internet distribution. WiFi everywhere.

> Outside the USA, the Evil Empire view is currently almost universal.
It has particularly 
> floated to the surface with the current administration, coincidentally. 

And in 2008 Biden, Clinton, McCain or Guillardi copuld be president
which will at least modify those views. 
> The history of military adventurism and economic exploitation, the
subvesion of foreign 
> governments, etc, is well established, but it NOT generally explored
in the mainstream 
> media.

See above media comments. I am learning much more of the above from
the above above.
> More blatant recent developments regarding fraudulent elections 

ultimately, technology will get it right, virtualy elimintng he crap
of the past two elections.

> and the subversions of 
> our civil liberties 

Seantors just stood down the Patriot Act extension.

> are merely the more recent and obvious indicators of corporate fascism.

Read Tom Friedman's The World is Fat. I mean Flat. Corporate power is
becoming increadibly diffused, distributed around the globe. 
> Europeans, having had more experience with these things, tend to see
us as naive 
> barbarians.

And South Africans hate the Dutch
> Most Americans, on the other hand, tend to be in denial about it. 

See above media comments. It is a powerful force to change awareness.

Those in the early stages 
> of owning it tend to be angry and/or frightened.

And yet all of the above developments are reason for optimism and joy. 

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