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> wrote:
> Valid observations, but there are a number of emerging factors that
> provide a counter force, or a new direction.  
> > With respect to the "media myth", I think you have it exactly
> backwards. USA as the bastion 
> > of freedom and democracy is the media myth. One has only to see who
> owns the media to 
> > understand how this could be the case.
> Blogs. Podcasting and Internet radio -- huge diversity of independent
> news sources -- and cheap production giving the "pen" to the masses.
> Diversity of cable news and print media sources, including from
> overseaas. Indie films. Garage recording studios with internet
> distribution. "Affordable" Hi-Def video-cams allowing professional
> video, along with internet distribution. WiFi everywhere.
> > Outside the USA, the Evil Empire view is currently almost universal.
> It has particularly 
> > floated to the surface with the current administration, coincidentally. 
> And in 2008 Biden, Clinton, McCain or Guillardi copuld be president
> which will at least modify those views. 
> > The history of military adventurism and economic exploitation, the
> subvesion of foreign 
> > governments, etc, is well established, but it NOT generally explored
> in the mainstream 
> > media.
> See above media comments. I am learning much more of the above from
> the above above.
> > More blatant recent developments regarding fraudulent elections 
> ultimately, technology will get it right, virtualy elimintng he crap
> of the past two elections.
> > and the subversions of 
> > our civil liberties 
> Seantors just stood down the Patriot Act extension.
> > are merely the more recent and obvious indicators of corporate fascism.
> Read Tom Friedman's The World is Fat. I mean Flat. Corporate power is
> becoming increadibly diffused, distributed around the globe. 
> > Europeans, having had more experience with these things, tend to see
> us as naive 
> > barbarians.
> And South Africans hate the Dutch
> > Most Americans, on the other hand, tend to be in denial about it. 
> See above media comments. It is a powerful force to change awareness.
> Those in the early stages 
> > of owning it tend to be angry and/or frightened.
> And yet all of the above developments are reason for optimism and joy.


As usual, you have raised many excellent points, particularly about the web, 
blogs, etc.

Pressing responsibilities require brevity in reply, but:

Despite information alternatives to the Mainstream Media, it's good to remember 
that as 
many as 2/3 of Americans may still believe, as they did when the war began, 
that Saddam 
was involved in the 9/11 event. I'm sure you have examples of your own.

Public perception, moreover, is still dominated by the MM, not the alternatives.

Recent victories for the Good Guys have been in the skirmish category. It's too 
early to say 
the tide has turned, and we don't know what the future will bring.

Like any good Taoist, I know that history is cyclic, etc, and the darkest hour 
is just before 
the dawn. Like any realistic observe of current events, however, I don't really 
know if this is 
the darkest hour. Maybe it's only midnight.

Thanks again for your points.


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