Nice unity sentiments, but the statistical fact as well as experience of 
meditators is that both proximity and numbers together meditating effectively 
matter to the Meissner-like spiritual effect in wellbeing on people.  The 
science well indicates there is a significant benefit to collective meditation 
in society. That is what ‘we’ were more essentially about in Fairfield here as 
community with the facilitating that has been the Dome meditations. It is an 
amazing facility that has been capitalized here. 
 If one understands the science of the experience and its implication then the 
metrics of the aggregate numbers meditating together offer a tragedy here in 
how badly it has gone with the administration of the the communal collective of 
the group meditation. That is the story of the reading of this long "The Dome 
Numbers" thread. 


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 What we are meditating for in the end, is so there is no other, only the Self. 
Community is nice, but it is a more superficial view. Unity is not created by 
packing bodies in proximity, it can be done alone, in a cave, or anywhere if 
you have persistence. 

 Packing bodies in proximity can have beneficial effects or detrimental effects 
(such as a mob) depending on clarity of experience. However you do it, taking 
care of your own experience first is foremost. If what you are doing is not 
working, then try something else.

 On Monday, October 29, 2018, 12:25:05 AM GMT, 
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 What we are
 meditating for in the end is each
 Sorry, I don't mean to preach here.
 But if you would choose to join
 With us in group meditation,
 I would be personally grateful.
 I think if we lose this fight, we lose
 The war.
 Help out.
 Come back to meditation.
 -Buck, in FF
 12 Oct. 2010
 > "This is a critical time and a tremendous 
 > opportunity for all of us. We cannot afford to 
 > fall back from what we have accomplished so far.
 > We need to sustain and build upon what we have 
 > created over these past four years—and create 
 > true and lasting invincibility for our nation and 
 > peace for our world family." 
 > —Raja John Hagelin


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