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> > > I certainly wouldn't think I could afford to buy
> > > a pig in a poke, especially given the TMO's current
> > > nuttiness; but if I knew what was in the poke, I
> > > would find some way to afford it *despite* the TMO's
> > > current nuttiness.
> > 
> > The price of TM is: $52 a month over 4 years, which is $12 a 
> > or $1.70 a day. Even poor people in the US spend WAY more than 
> > on coffee, unhealthy fizzy drinks, and many more unhealthy 
> > unnecessary things every day. 
> > If one did it over 2 tears instead of 4, then it is still only 
> > $3.40 a day. Anyone who has the will to, can afford TM in the US.
> But that's just it.  To have the will to buy a pig
> in a poke, you need to have a *very* strong feeling
> that the pig is going to be worth what you're paying
> for it, that you're going to get more benefit from
> it than whatever you'd otherwise spend the money on.
> Again, given the current TMO nuttiness, it's easy 
> to understand why a person wouldn't want to give up
> their lattes for several years to buy what the TMO
> is selling.  (And of course for people who'd have to
> give up buying gas for their car or shoes for their
> children--the folks who can't afford to waste money
> on luxury coffee--it's even easier to grasp.)>>>

There are very few people in US who cannot afford 3.70 a day if they 
want to, and most lower middle-class and up, could easily afford it 
with a little creativity. Considering the hundreds of peer-reviewed 
scientific data and funding for research from NIH etc., to anyone 
who is willing to do some investigating, it is easy to see that all 
the other 'cheaper' techniques are devoid of this. As a rational 
person, I prefer to spend more, and get well documented quality, 
rather than a possibly second rate undocumented technique. Maybe TM 
is not for the irrational.


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