Amrit Kana, from which many of the quotations of Guru Dev come, was 
actually compiled by MMY. It is therefore his choice of quotations 
and is not necessarilly biased to any particular faith or persuasion.
It is possible of course that he muted his fervour for things Hindu 
whilst speaking to those of other faiths.
But that is what MMY did with regard to the 'gods' of the mantras, 
though it didn't stop him talking about them in private. So it is a 
double message, once you get hooked into the practice we will tell 
you about the Shastras later!

--- In, doctor_gabby_savy 
> I heard MMY say (or perhaps Charlie or Jerry say that MMY said) that
> all faiths would come to SBS for blessings and instructions. And 
>  a sat-guru, world teacher, he could teach anyone in a way that was
> consistent with their faith and would help them. Muslims, 
> Sikhs, Buddhists all came to him and got upliftment and methods they
> could use. 
> In that context, I assume most of the lectures you have are to 
> hindus. So he extolls hindu shastras. In giving advice and 
> to christians and muslims, presumably he focused on their path.
> And if we are to believe conventional wisdom (tales from MMY), SBS
> gave MMY a path for householders -- world wide. Presumably this was
> not the mainstream things he taught his monks to do,  nor devout 
>  audiences.
> As a world teacher, it would be natural for him  to have many 
> for many paths, pehaps for many mountains. (Process = Product).
> Do your researches indicate any of this?
> --- In, "Premanand Paul Mason"
> <premanandpaul@> wrote:
> >
> > Well Rick, here is a stream-of thinking answer to your 
> > It is apparent when reading Guru Dev's satsangs that he was 
> > sold on the idea of everyone living by the Shastras. So it might 
> > interesting to take a raincheck on that area. He really was quite 
> > adamantly against arbitrariness - caste was important as was 
> > He was highly unimpressed with science.
> > He had a downer on Westerners.
> > He seemed to have absolute belief in fatalism.
> > He didn't seem to believe that just doing some worship or 
> > was enough, he believed that living by the Shastras was totally 
> > necessary (sorry to come back to that first point - but it is so 
> > recurrent as to be inescapable).
> > Okay, where were we. Oh yes, he most certainly was completely 
> > into the idea of rebirth and all the rest of Hinduism's basic 
> > beliefs, thus re-enforcing the idea that all things Hindu are 
> > and fine and dandy. But often he makes it clear that he is 
> > accepted wisdom. 
> > BUT that is entirely contrary to what I understand MMY has been 
> > saying. He has encouraged people to believe that being 
> > will give up the answers. i.e. it is consciousness not books that 
> > give the knowledge.
> > It is likely Guru Dev lived an exhalted inner existence and was 
> > incredibly at peace with himself. It is implicit in everything 
> > says about his guru that we are to take it that he was 
> > However, if one lives purely by rules, Shastras and convention 
> > never makes decisions for oneself, in any real sense, the point 
> > wanting enlightenment gets lost. People want to feel free of the 
> > interminable rules and regulations, that's a big part of why they 
> > take a dive into the peace to be found beyond thinking.
> > 
> > There must be something there worth discussing, other than the 
> > confused way I have laid out the ideas.
> > 
> > --- In, Rick Archer 
> > wrote:
> > >
> > > on 2/2/06 5:51 PM, Premanand Paul Mason at premanandpaul@ wrote:
> > 
> > > > I have produced a resource of a set
> > > > of webpages offering most of the known material of Guru Dev 
> > have
> > > > offered up translation of recently discovered texts at:-
> > > >
> > > > But, with the exception of the 'OM' debate, it has stimulated 
> > > > little response here on FFL. It would be interesting to hear 
> > of
> > > > the issues discussed here.
> > > > Perhaps, That's the way to do it.
> > > 
> > > Whether or not anyone takes you up on this offer, perhaps you 
> > give us
> > > links or paste text of some points that you consider most 
> > fascinating. That
> > > might get some discussion going.
> > >
> >

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