--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, bbrigante <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Well, maybe insufficeint, but pocketing the original money would 
> have been a problem for the bribe-happy Spanish officials, because 
> there was a paper trail on the money they confiscated from Leon 
> generated by the fact that they arrested him, and it would have 
> either had to go on to trial or they would have had to return the 
> money to Leon. By bringing in a new suitcase of money for the 
> bribe, the officials just put the new loot in their pockets 
> without issuing a receipt and then got a receipt from Leon or 
> whoever when they returned the old money after dropping the 
> charges "in the interest of justice" after a "thorough |
> investigation."

While true, it avoids the point of the discussion.
The TM movement, which poses as proponents of and
practitioners of "Natural Law," was more than willing
to smuggle money from country to country to avoid 
paying taxes and duties on it.

I was personally asked several times during the time
I worked for TM National in Los Angeles to smuggle
suitcases of money from the US to Switzerland.  I
refused every time, *not* at the time because I was
being moral but because I was more than aware that
because of my hippy past and dossiers on me that
existed with law-enforcement agencies I was the 
perfectly *wrong* person to do such a thing.  What
escaped me at the time was that the very thing I 
was being asked to do was bloody *wrong*, and that
the organization that was asking me to do it was
bloody *wrong* in *asking* me to do it.

Even then (mid-70s), they had convinced themselves
that they were so "in tune" with "Natural Law" that
they had the right to violate actual law.


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