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> > --- TurquoiseB wrote:
> > >
> > > Isn't that, after all, AnonAkashaGabbyMoose's 
> > > issue? He wants the experiences of enlighten-
> > > ment that people have had to fit into the
> > > descriptions of them he has heard over the 
> > > years. 
> > 
> > That's not what I picked up from those posts. I thought 
> > he was pointing out that when people describe what 
> > Brahman or whatever is like for them, their descriptions 
> > are wildly inconsistent. 
> You are correct. I'm just giving him a hard time
> because consistency is what he's been spoonfed
> by Maharishi all these years. I just don't think
> it has any relationship to reality. :-)

HAHAHAHA. He left the TMO by 1979 and never looked back. Almost 30
years ago. Lots of interesting "adventures" and knowledge since then. 
Consistency and spoons have not been much part of the journey. 

> > Maybe I read that interpretation 
> > into the posts because it's a pet theme of Dana Sawyer's 
> > which I find kind of interesting.

Patrick certainly has a better take than hallucinogenic Barry.
> Don't know Dana, can't comment. 

>My sole contribution
> is that I honestly believe that the number of possible
> valid experiences of enlightenment pretty much equals
> the number of human beings on the planet. Each one
> of them could quite possibly be different; perceived 
> similarities are just that, perceived.

So actually we sort of agree on something. Many paths, many mountain
tops --  a theme introduced by LBS  and much discussed here prior to
your arrival.

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