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> > > I also have the highest respect for Chopra, he's a fine man 
> > > great integrity IMO.
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> > Who allowed his name to be put on a book that was
> > written by others?
> First, we don't know that's true about the ayurved book just 
> some mov't docs say so.  Second, it's done all the time and it has
> nothing to do with integrity if that's how the contract between the
> parties reads.  If it was done unethically in some way, it's an 
> lawsuit for the real authors.


If both parties agree, no harm no foul.

It reminds me of a story I heard Paul Anka, the singer and 
songwriter, tell on the Howard Stern Show several months ago.

Anka is known as the writer of the "Tonight Show with Johnny Cason" 
theme song.  But Howard knew that, as a requirement to get that 
song -- and the lucrative royalties that went with it -- as the 
official theme that Anka had to agree to give Carson co-writer 
credit.  So, officially, both Carson and Anka are the co-writers and 
have shared through the years a 50/50 split on the royalties 
although everyone knows -- wink, wink, nudge, nudge -- that Carson 
didn't write a note that it was all done by Anka.

So Stern said to Anka: wasn't that Carson a prick for doing that to 
you?  And Anka's response was 'no, he wasn't.  That's the way things 
were done in those days and if I didn't want to have it as the theme 
of the show I was perfectly free to decline the offer."

> It's well known Chopra used the santa fe ex-purusha guy to help 
> many of his original books.  Chopra supplied him with an outline of
> each chapter for the book, the ghost writer writes the chapters, 
> then Chopra edits the final draft.  Both parties were very happy 
> the arrangement.  MMY blessed the arrangement so that Chopra would
> have more time to promote M-ayurved on the lecture circuit - so 
> should question MMY's integrity as well for encouraging it. (I got 
> above from a close friend of the ghost writer who seemed sane).
> I'm not a huge Chopra fan - I'd be more open to anti-Chopra ghost
> writing bashing if he didn't really understand the substance of the
> books, but it's clear from his seminars that he knows the stuff.
> PS - Who knows the details of how MMY and Vernon Katz collaborated 
> write the Gita??
> > Who tried to push the "revisionist" untruth that the
> > Beatles were thrown out of MMY's ashram because they
> > were doing drugs?
> The drug rationale has been around in the mov't for decades - it's 
> way for TBs to cope with the MMY-Beatles breakup, it doesn't jibe 
> 95% of what people who were there say.   Chopra apparently heard it
> while in the mov't and passed it on at that time.  How it got into 
> 2006 Indian article on the beatles is still a mystery to me?

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