--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, t3rinity <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, TurquoiseB <no_reply@> wrote:
> > <snip>
> > > Now, if this tactics is terribly productive, I don't know, I 
> > > just know that this particular body/mind organism called 
> > > Maharishi was drawn to it, that is that the supreme Brahman 
> > > wanted him to do so...
> > 
> > Here we lost the ability to have a meaningful discussion.
> > The moment you postulate some sentient entity that you 
> > call 'supreme Brahman' and suggest that it has desires 
> > (wants) of its own, I lose interest.  :-)
> Too bad, because you don't even read and cut the sentence 
> short. Thats because of stereotyped thinking, its so easy 
> to have those buttons pushed with you...

And you don't get your buttons pushed when someone
points out that the bottom line assumption behind
your philosophy is, "the Absolute does what it 'wants?'"  :-)

I was just funnin' with you, dude. *You* are the
one who got uptight and droned on for several
paragraphs trying to defend your notion of an
intelligent Absolute. T'would seem that *you* 
are the one with somewhat of an attachment to 
your concept of the Absolute running everything. 
Contrary to what you say below, it sounds to me
very much as if you're "selling something."

Just *look* at the paragraph below. Who is upset
and frustrated and somewhat angry here? Hint: it
ain't me. *You* are the one who seems to be upset 
that I don't believe what you believe. I'm not 
upset with you. Learn from that.

> ...and I'm kinda fed up and actually too lazy to
> translate something to you; a man of your intelligence 
> could easily understand - if you just wanted. Once your 
> buttons are pushed its like talking to a wall - not 
> meaningful, but also not because of me.As I
> have nothing to sell, I don't care for one actually, 
> why waste energy, end of story.

Then, having ranted at me because I wasn't buying
what you are selling, you move on to selling it to

> Okay, for the sake of others who might just catch this 
> little bit of dialoque: Here I am referring to the Brahman 
> as the Absolute, and any
> of us, including Maharishi just being players, with the Absolute
> behind, animating everything. Nowhere I am saying that you have to
> imagine Brahman like a decission-making person - thats just your 
> hook up, and I really don't care about it. My point is that our 
> involvement
> into our own personality is illussionary. As long as you think that
> you are 'in charge', you surely have no witnessing, you just gather
> experiences for your own satisfaction.

It's *OK* that you believe all this. But you *are* 
trying to sell it. If you weren't, you wouldn't 
have gotten so uptight and reactive when I indicated 
I wasn't interested in buying.

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