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> > Another man I met had an appearance of Shirdi Sai Baba. 
> > Again he had never seen a picture of him, had nothing to 
> > do with Hinduism, and only recognized him when he saw the 
> > picture later in a Sai Baba center (while he was searching 
> > - he never went for Puttaparthy Sai Baba.)
> Not to dispute this person's experience but to tell
> a funny story that may or may not relate to it, a
> fellow who had just gotten involved with the Rama 
> trip told a story about meeting Rama in a dream 
> before he met him in the physical. The dream had
> impressed him enough that he wrote it down in his
> Journal, years earlier. So he met the Rama guy,
> decided immediately that this was the guy he'd
> seen in his dream, and signed up to study with him.
> Then, months later, he discovered his old Journals
> and found what he had actually written at the time
> about the guy in his dream -- he was a short Asian 
> guy with long, straight hair. Rama was 6 foot 4, 
> was clearly Western, and had fairly short curly hair.
> The guy, to his credit, had himself a good laugh at
> himself at that point and just kept on keepin' on.
> What I think happens sometimes is that we have 
> experiences in other planes of existence that have
> *no* "mapping" to the plane of existence of our 
> "normal" waking state. The realities are so differ-
> ent that there is simply no *counterpart* in our
> reality for the things we experienced in the alter-
> nate reality. So the mind does its best to "map"
> the experiences of the alternate reality to the
> reality of the waking state. And sometimes what
> happens is that we wind up mapping the "vibe" of
> the experience, not the actual details of the
> experience. That is, we encounter something or
> someone in our waking state reality whose "vibe"
> reminds us of the "vibe" that part of us remembers
> from the alternate reality, and we merge the two
> in our minds.
> It's just a theory, but one which I've had to deal
> with often when trying to come up with some way
> to write about experiences I've had for which there 
> is simply is no analogue in the thing we call 
> "everyday reality."

That's surely an interesting theory, and yes I had already thought
along similar lines. Sure, something is 'matched' with something else.
There is also the now famous story of Papaji, who says a Sadhu with
the appearance of Ramana came to his doorstep to invite him to see
Ramana. When he went to see him, he realized that this is the very
same man who had invited him, and he accused him to be a cheater,
because he could have answered his questions then and there, instead
of directing him to his 'Guru', which was obviously himself.
 No matter what, the guy got directed, and obviously in a very
fruitful way, because it let to his liberation. It really doesn't
matter anymore, if this appearance was really Ramana (there was also
the aditional element of giving him the address) or if he was just
matching him to be so later. Maybe it was a Sadhu with the Ramana vibe.

If you look at it as a whole, then both the vision and the mapping of
it are both part of the same process, which -acc. to my interpretation
 of course - where just 'meant to be'.

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