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> As was shared on here a while back, even in recent times when masters 
> have claimed enlightenment, the test almost always involved some 
> performance of siddhi.

Ah, ja, where, when, examples please?
> Since yogic flying belongs to yoga-darshana, it's only sensible to 
> say that's part of CC a la Patanjali, not Brahmi-chetana (Unity).

I have here the following statement of Ramana Maharshi:
D: But i must know if he is a Jnani for I must be inspired by him.
M: Yes, he tells you;he inspires you. Do as he tells you. You want to
learn and not to test him.
Jnana lakshanas are stated in the shastras to be an incentive to a
seeker to get rid of misery and seek happiness. The methods are given.
If they are followed the result will be jnana having those lakshanas.
They are not meant for testing others.
(Talks 567)

So Ramana was not in favor of testing, thats for sure. I also don't
think he thought that a Jnani had to manifest siddhis. OTOH the
scriptures make it clear that the manifestation of siddhis are no
indication of enlightenment. They could be accomplished by Tapasja for
example. There is a funny story Ramana tells when he was in Virupaksha
cave, and his devotees went out to beg, actually closing Ramana in to
protect him. But as he had a need to go out, he knew a way to pull out
the door. Some people who saw him thought he could go through walls.
Only much later he told the story how he really did it.

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