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So Ramana was not in favor of testing, thats for sure. I also don't
think he thought that a Jnani had to manifest siddhis. OTOH the
scriptures make it clear that the manifestation of siddhis are no
indication of enlightenment. They could be accomplished by Tapasja for
example. There is a funny story Ramana tells when he was in Virupaksha
cave, and his devotees went out to beg, actually closing Ramana in to
protect him. But as he had a need to go out, he knew a way to pull out
the door. Some people who saw him thought he could go through walls.
Only much later he told the story how he really did it.

Of course Ramana never had to deal with an Andrew Cohen or any of a number of Satsang Service Providers who are ready to dispense darshan and advice... ;-)

It may be a moot point as Ramana is of course long gone and of a different generation than ours.

Nonetheless here's what Ramana's ashram has to say:

"It is not possible to lay down clear rules to guide the 
novice in the delicate business of recognising a Sage. And it 
may be said that no rules are really necessary. He that is 
destined to find a Sage and to become his disciple will find 
no practical difficulty in recognising him when he finds him. 
For those that are not so destined, rules will be of little use. 
Divine Grace plays a decisive part in the process by which 
the Sage is recognised as such and accepted as one’s own 
Guru. But when once the choice is made, the disciple can 
use the available tests of sagehood, in order to confirm his 
choice. The chief test is serenity and unruffled happiness, 
which is the same as perfect peace. Another test is 
egolessness, and this is proved chiefly by indifference to 
praise and censure, as noted before. Other tests will appear 
in the course of this exposition." from "Maha-yoga"

I would be suspicious personally of any guru who did not test his students--but that's my own preference. I'd also be instinctively suspicious of a lack of "indifference to praise and censure" by the person in question. Anon and I have discussed our own observations in this regard here.

In regards to siddhis, as I believe I indicated already, that's more about yoga-darshana, i.e. not Advaita Vedanta.

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