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> > The seeker instead hears these, and having gained a glimpse of one
> > or many of the hallmarks of each of these states, may mistake the
> > relative achievement of CC or GC or UC as the goal, instead of the
> > proper action of not taking such experiences too seriously and
> > instead remaning focused on the true goal of Tiddly-Winks.
> I've always understood them as experiential benchmarks,
> not as end points.  MMY's been pretty clear, in my
> understanding, at least, that none of these were the
> ultimate goal but rather stages along the way.  And I
> can't recall any other TMers speaking of these as if
> they were ultimate goals.
I am curious if you thought of them as established states, in other
words, once we attained GC, it was permanent, until our growing into
UC, or was it more like, OK, I've had some GC experiences, but now it
has faded away and I am myself again, seeking "Tiddly-Winks"?

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